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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Organisation Tip #2 – Plastic trays for False Eyelashes

Been a bit MIA lately and I apologise as this week my makeup course started and so things been a bit hectic. However I have to say I love every moment of it at the moment and I can’t wait to see how I will progress.

Anyway I picked up a pack of 4 plastic trays at Target for $7 AUD and thought I share with you guys on how I used them. They were the slim kind of tray so I had a good idea how I was going to use them. The now currently stores my false eyelashes and I love the way it holds them. Before I just had them in a whole heaps in a draw and it was so frustrating trying to find the pair you want to use. Now that I’ve got them all nicely stacked into the trays I can flip through them faster and find the ones I want.

Perfect for my false eyelashes collection that just get stored in a messy way in my drawers

I didn’t fill them all up so I ended up putting my glue and the rhinestones in there as well.  I also had one completely empty one so I was thinking whether I should put that away and save it or find another way to use it.

put my glue and rhinestones in together

All nice and neat and easy to see what eyelashes I have

Knowing me if I put things away I will forget and by the time I find them they’ll be ancient and I would want them anymore.  So I decided to use it to keep my stuff tidy on my desk.  I placed my hand sanitizer and other little things that I use on a daily basis.  At least they’re now always going to be neat on my table and not all over the place.  It’s also easier to wipe down the table as I can move it all at once and not have to more them and then stack them back neatly in place.

holding my daily products

Anyway I got some posts that I need to do for you guys and hopefully I can get them up very soon. Some cheaper drugstore products I’ve discovered and also some looks I think floating around in a folder.

I’m currently doing major hard drive cleaning so my photos are kind of all over the place. Please bear with me and I’ll keep you guys updated on how my makeup course is going and try post more often with looks and products I’ve tried.


  1. I am permanently on a mission to make my stash more organized myself! At the moment I have next to no space but hopefully when I do some furniture shifting I should actually be able to USE my dressing table. I do like the way you have things in boxes for easy moving :) Oops, I rambled...
    Sylvie xx

  2. @Sylvieee: i'm always trying to clean and organise my vanity better. I have made a promise on showing my newly organised/current collection, but never got around to doing it. however i hope to get to do it soon so i can share with others who are also looking for ideas to organise their makeup collection better :)

  3. Oh wow, what a great way to organize! Do you wear false lashes everyday? After seeing your blog it inspired me to buy some, but I still have yet to wear them!

  4. @MJ: I don't wear them everyday, but i do wear them most weekends and if i plan to go out after work on a friday night i would stick them on as well. Generally it takes me more time to stick them on so sometimes i just don't have the time for it. Now i go to makeup school i'm not supposed to be wearing makeup so even less chance for me to wear them now. They are fun and sometime i find it really does enhances your eyes and make them bigger :)

  5. You go to makeup school? How cool! You don't need it though, you always look so great!

  6. @MJ: thanks :)
    I do makeup school now because i actually want to make a career out of it in the near future


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