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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rimmel Mascaras and Bronzer Review

I’ve bought some Rimmel products sometime ago and had given them a good test and I’m finally here to share them on my blog of what I thought about. Bear in mind that what mentioned in this post is purely my own opinion and may not be the same for everyone else who had used this product before.

First I guess I should start off with the bronzer I bought. After all I was searching for a nice matte bronzer and I saw Rimmel had some in their product range. I ended up buying the Sun Shimmer Bronzing Compact Powder in Light Matte.

The bronzer is a smooth pressed powder and the packaging is very standard but sturdy.  It’s not completely matte and does a very small hint of shimmer in it, but barely noticeable.  It smells nice and the colour is not bad, but perhaps it is too light for me?  Maybe the medium might had suited my skin tone more because this one is not showing up as well as I thought it would when I swatched it at the store.
Without Flash

With Flash
Turned out a little blurry :(

I bought 2 mascaras at once from Rimmel at Priceline because I really wanted to test them and I have to say the first ever mascara I bought from Rimmel gave me MAJOR disappointment so I was rather reluctant to try.  However I’ve seen some review and so I thought I just give it a shot as not all mascaras are horrible.

Black Tube: X10
Pink Tube: The Max Volume Flash Mascara - Ultra Black

The Max Volume Flash Mascara – Ultra Black

I see that Jackee from Jackee’s Makeup Bag ( had said was great on her. So I picked up this one and also noticed some other reviews on it after I googled on it too.

The brush is a good size and it doesn’t clump my eyelashes. It does give me good length but not great volume, which is something I need for my short lashes. After sometime it also flakes on me so I wasn’t happy about that.

Left: Black Tube
Right: Pink Tube
X10 Extreme Black Volume Flash Mascara – Extreme Black

I didn’t like the brush when I first pulled it out. Rather short and stubby which means it is more likely to clump your lashes and it was true on that. I noticed the formula of this mascara compared to the previous one in the pink tube is thicker, thus it gave length and volume which I liked very much. This one also didn’t flake on me or give me panda eyes after a whole day. However it means I have to put on this mascara with more patient since if I rush it I’ll most likely clump my eyelashes together so I don’t use this one if I’m on a rush to get the eyes done.
Both the packaging is pretty sleek and one is even in pink so a bonus for the ladies who love pink!

Has anyone else tried either of these mascaras? Would be nice to hear what you guys think :)


  1. Hi Mandy I've tried "The Max - Pink Tube" mascara before & didn't really like it..... I think the reason why is because of the brush, when I applied it made my lashes look really clumpy, BLUCK! I've been using Loreal mascaras now (got them on special @ Kmart for $10 each...... but that might be cause they are discontinued...... as usual all the good stuff is)

  2. @make-me up: Rimmel mascara hadn't really satisfied me all that much. I hate it when all the good stuff are discontinued :( why would they do that anyway.
    i think i might just go back to CoverGirl Lash Blast.

  3. Good choice :) Lash Blast is really good


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