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Friday, October 15, 2010

Good News and Giveaway closing soon

Hello Beauty and Makeup addicts!

Just dropping in to apologise for my MIA recently, been really busy working things out and I’m finally done. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about enrolling into a makeup course and I finally got it done. There is no more turning back for me and it means I’ll no longer be counting beans. I’m excited and my first class is actually starting next week Friday! So fast that it’s scaring me yet I’m also some what excited.

I’m only doing the first basic makeup course and after that I’ll see if I want to advance to something better, however I do plan on doing a hairstyling course for makeup artists. That one got me excited too, so I can’t wait until I actually begin realising my dream. I’ve always wanted to do makeup, it wasn’t an all of a sudden and it’s not just because I am addicted to it either. It’s something I enjoy and I think it’s something I can really get somewhere with.

My week had been a bit hectic but I’m happy with how things all turned out. I’ve gotten dad’s approval (it nearly made me cry) and now that enrolment hell is over I’m so happy I think I really do need to cry!

Can’t wait to start!

Second half of this post is to announce that my GIVEAWAY will be ending tonight at 11:59pm, West Australian Time (GMT+8). So get in quick before I close it and start counting the entries. Hopefully I will be able to announce the winners by Sunday night, or at least early next week.

Click on the link below to go to the giveaway post and follow the rules to submit your entry in the comment box 

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