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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chi Chi Haul Part I – Eyeshadow Palettes

This is just part 1 to my Chi Chi haul that I picked up from Target and the reason why I’m splitting them up into 3 parts is because that way the post isn’t super long. There are also a lot of photos so I didn’t want to cram it all into on update. I just thought it would look nicer and be easier to read if I split them up.

So here I am doing the first part and yes they’re eyeshadow palettes from the Chi Chi range. I picked up two palettes and they’re “Basic Instinct” and “Club Tropicana”. I got these for 20% off so they only cost me $15.96 AUD, but the original price for them is $19.95 AUD each.

Here are some swatches from each palette without any eyeshadow base and with eyeshadow base (Esstee Lauder Eyeshadow Base).

I already own one of their palettes prior to the purchase of these two and that was “Don’t Pimp My Style”. I just thought it would be nice to include the swatches for this palette as well.

No it’s time to tell you guys what I think about the palettes…

First off I have to say the size of them is really nice, very handy and something you can carry in your bag or go travelling with. The palette actually also includes a mirror and a brush under the eyeshadow, by sliding it out (I’m sorry I forgot to take a photo of that). However the brush is very tacky and it wouldn’t be something I would use. I rather substitute the brush for two sponge applicators instead.

Some of the eyeshadow are of good quality and applies smoothly, but I find there is always one that is not that great. The not so great one I tend to find that they are either very powdery, hard, or just not that easy to use and blend.

However I do have to say that with the right base the eyeshadows can really bring out some nice pigmented colours. They’re not that bad to use and I think they’re still affordable to those who aren’t into spending big bucks on makeup just yet.

I like the packaging, the plastic isn’t those soft cheap ones. It’s the strong sturdy plastic that won’t crack just by dropping it on the floor (though you shouldn’t be dropping it on the floor anyway). They have a bit of a range of nice colour collection so I’ll probably check them out when another sale for them comes around (I’m into buying makeup on a budget now).

I do think there is some work that needs to be done on those awkward eyeshadow that just not that great in each palette. It would be so much nicer if all the texture was smooth and soft and easy to use and blend, but I have to say nothing is perfect.

From what I know Chi Chi is an Australian brand so I’m not sure if you can actually get this anywhere overseas. If you can please do leave a message in the comment section.

I know in Australia the current places that stock Chi Chi is Target and Myer. I haven’t really seem them being stocked anywhere else.

Have anyone else tried Chi Chi products or eyeshadows?

I got my MISCHIC package the other day and I can’t wait to getting around to using them. I’m still waiting on my Face Canvas because they were sold out and was on back order. However they sent me my other stuff and even sent some gifts along to make up for not having Face canvas on hand. They’re so nice! Hopefully I’ll get around to swatching and reviewing their products after I’ve done some of the other pending updates.


  1. Gorgeous shades!! :) I've never tried Chi Chi products before but i just love the colors! Especially the Tropicana ones :p I'd love to see a FOTD with all these shades :)

  2. yeah they're alright... nto bad at all and affordable to those who aren't big on spending on makeup.
    i will be doing so FOTDs or EOTDs with them soon :)

  3. i like Chi chi eyeshadow ... really pigmented and last quite long time as well :)

  4. i love chi chi too :) i use them nearly everyday :)


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