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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Broken Favourite Eyeshadow and Modelista Nail Polish Review & Swatches

Hope all my beauty followers are having a great weekend, mine started off a bit too exciting and thus I’m hung-over at the moment. Partied too much for a Friday night, especially when I was already super tired from working day to night.

Anyway I just wanted to share a quick tip (I’m sure you probably seen this somewhere), on how to save your favourite broken eyeshadow. I was devastated when I dropped one of my favourite single eyeshadow onto tiled floor. I was so upset because it got broken to little pieces and to make it worse I haven’t seen this colour in the collection since I bought it a few years ago.

One of my favourite eyeshadow is from Max Factor, 128 Passionate Plum and clumsy ol’ me decided to drop it. Anyhow I ventured to a cheap budget store and bought myself some of these craft containers. That’s right, you probably guessed it right I just poured the loose eyeshadow into the container and with a craft knife I scraped out the rest of the product still intact to the eyeshadow pan. Wah Lah! Now I can use it again without having to open it and have a heap of product fall out and be wasted. Quick and simple solution.

These containers come in all sort of sizes and quality. I got some really cheap ones, but I think next time I might go to an actual craft store and spend on some that a little better in quality.

Don't forget to lable the containers though! I just use these white tab labels you can get nearly everywhere that sell stationery and write the name of the product on to stick to the side.

Anyway to the better part of the post, is of course more review on nail polishes which is something I’ve gotten into buying lately. I went to Target (Australia) and was browsing through the cosmetics section when I saw Modelista was having 40% off their products and thought I give them a shot.

Original prices for these nail polishes are $8.95, but I got them for $5.35 each. Seems reasonable for nail polishes if you live in Australia right?

Colours I bought were….
Bling Bling
On Location – Santa Monica
On Location - Mykonos

I’m sorry, but I find them still overpriced after trying them out. I mean the colours are nice, but to have to apply 4 coats of the colour to get a decent colour build is kind of ridiculous to me. To top it off, it is slow drying so it’ll take you forever to do four coats of the colour and to think I also do a clear top coat too!

The polishes are very runny, kind of like a very watery liquid that looks like it’ll just slide off. First coat of the colour was ridiculously clear and I thought I wasn’t applying enough. I was wrong that’s just how the product is and I am definitely not like them much. They do however have a nice selection of colours and if you have the patient to 4 colour coat you probably wouldn’t mind them.

Compared to my usual Rimmel that only require 2 coats and for some colours at most a third light coat, I think the price for Rimmel is more affordable even if the quantity is a bit less to the Modelista ones.

Anyone else tried Modelista Nail Polishes? What do you think about them?

I have currently 28 followers, which means I’m only 22 followers away from my first giveaway. Excited and can’t wait until I actually reach 50! I’ve been collecting things for the giveaway too :)

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  1. I have Bling Bling too!! I think I got it from Target during Christmas. It was on special and I found it by chance in the reduced item box and I got it for $2.83 :DDDDD
    Yea... have to apply lots of coats but since I got it for such a awesum price.. I'm happy to wait ^^


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