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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chi Chi Haul Part II – Glitter Eyeliner Pack

Hello to the beauty and makeup lovers. I am back today to share my second part of my Chi Chi Haul from Target from not too long ago. I will continuously apologise for my lack of updates with my busy schedule. I appreciate everyone who is following and seeing the numbers increase puts a smile on my face and I thank you all for doing that.

Today for the second part I’ll share with you Chi Chi’s Glitter Eyeliner pack. The original price for this pack is $19.95 AUD and because it was 20% off I got it for $15.96AUD. This pack includes 6 mini size bottle of their Glitter Eyeliners. I already own the black one in the original size so I will be taking that mini size one out and putting it into the giveaway bag for my first giveaway. The black one was not swatched from that bottle but from the original one that I already own.

I don’t have the names of each colour and I can’t be bothered trotting into a store that stocks Chi Chi and writing names down of each colour. I’m not even sure they actually have name.

Here are some swatches of the glitter liner.

Now to the good and bad about this product. One swipe of the liner gives you a nice amount of glitter needed over black eyeliner. It’s not overly glittery and it doesn’t fall out after a whole night out. I’m assuming most glitter eyeliners take time to dry and so these Chi Chi ones does too, but once they dry they don’t budge. Well at least they don’t budge for me, I’m not sure about anyone else, since we all have different skin condition. I love their glitter eyeliner and so I thought the gift pack might be nice since it takes a long time to use one full tube.

It is a smooth application and it doesn’t feel clumpy at all like some glitter eyeliners do. At first when I first tried them I though it would be sticky but it dries very well and you won’t feel you got this gel glitter eyeliner on you eyelids. I actually prefer these ones over the NYX glitter eyeliners, even if I have to pay more for the Chi Chi ones.

Before I forget I actually don’t like the blue one out of all of them. I think because I didn’t like how it came out blue as well, it’s not a clear liquid but a blue one.

The original price for the normal full size is $12.95AUD and this black one is apparently called “Get it on and boogie”. So I’m guessing the others have names too, but I don’t know what they are and the pack doesn’t say either. I guess it would be nice if they do start labelling the products on the back of the cases if not on the actual product itself. Would have been nice to know the names of the colours so next time if I do choose to buy a full size I know what it’s called.


  1. Great post! They look really nice! Great blog too, consider me a follower :)

  2. I've never heard of Chi Chi. Those glitter eyeliners look so awesome!

  3. i followed you too pretty wonderful! great blog.

    hey blix! yeah i think Chi chi is only available in australia atm. they're an australian company yet to expand. I think Chi Chi is an equivalent of a Drug-store product like rimmel and maybelline :)

  4. thanks! much appreciated :)

  5. I've never heard of Chi Chi! The liners look really pretty!! Great review!

  6. hey Jackee!
    thanks for dropping by..
    yeah i'm not surprised if you haven't heard from Chi Chi... it is an australian brand :p so it's not exactly a big name one.

  7. Thanks for the review! I remember reading this review a few weeks ago and feeling disappointed that they weren't available anymore. Surprise surpise I popped into Myer today and they still had excess xmas gifts!! They also have a gift with purchase if you spend over $35 so I picked up quite a haul today =) I can't wait to try out the brown coloured one.

  8. @Anny: i know they're holiday packs so you have to wait until christmas comes out. Great to know you found them and Myer's Chi chi always has those $35 dollar free gift promotion :)
    But i find Targe goes on sale more often like 20% off :p


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