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Sunday, August 29, 2010

NYX Haul from Joy’s Cosmetics on Ebay

Sorry for my lack of post and updates on my blog, but I’m trying to hang in there despite being tired and busy. Anyway not too long ago I spoiled myself yet again with some NYX stuff and I love them. I don’t think I would ever stop loving NYX. They’re good stuff and they’re cheap as well so it means I can buy more goodies.

I bought these on Ebay from Joy’s Cosmetics, and it is my second time making a purchase from here. It’s reliable and the shipping is so fast. If you ever ask a question the reply is also fast. Customer service is great here and I love that they care about their customers. She gives quotes on shipping and you don’t have to accept the quote if you’re not satisfied. Everything goes smoothly and I know I’ll definitely be buying from Joy’s Cosmetics again.

Anyway here is a list of things I bought.

6 Round Lip Gloss
2 Mega Shine Lip Gloss
3 Doll Eye Mascara
3 Jumbo Eye Pencil
3 Studio Liquid Liner
2 NYX Blush Powder

Joy’s Cosmetics also does a promotion where you spend $30USD you get a random gift.

The gifts I got with this purchase are:

1 Scented Spray on Glitter
1 Mega Shine Lip Gloss
1 Lip Liner
1 Auto Lip Liner

Swatches for blush are so hard to capture and I just couldn’t get a good photo of a non-flash photo so I gave up and just stuck with a flash photo. I apologise for not trying a bit harder but I can never get it right with it comes to blushes. Anyhow this time round I got two of them because I liked the one I bought last time in the shade Raisin. The two shades I picked out this time is, Pinched and Natural. Pinched being a shimmer and Natural being matte and a lighter shade. Personally I find Natural works better for me.

One thing I will never get sick of from the NYX range is their Jumbo Eye Pencils! They’re super creamy and pigmented, with a cheap price attached to them which is major bonus. I got three this time and I’m absolutely in love with the green on I got this time. Horse Raddish is a beautiful green colour and even though I have yet to use it I can’t wait. Milk is just a white but good for brow bone highlight and inner corner highlights. It’s a great creamy and smooth texture just makes it so nice when you glide it on. Pure Gold looks beautiful too, but I have not yet found out how I will use this gold colour. I rarely use gold but I saw how nice it looked and I just had to buy one anyway. Bad habit buying colours I don’t use, but sometime I can’t resist and I’m pretty some of you guys could relate to how I felt then.

I think the Studio Liquid Liners are kind of new, because I don’t remember seeing them or perhaps I’m just very far behind on their collection since the country I live in is deprived of this great brand. Their so bright and the colour pigmentation is so good I was “Oohing” as I swatched them on my hand. Glides on and it shines in light so I really like that. The only thing I didn’t like about it was it takes some time to dry some it isn’t something that you can just whack on fast and expect it to dry instantly.

It is my first time trying the Mega Shine Lip Gloss, I didn’t know what to expect of them and to be honest I prefer the cheaper Round Lip Glosses over these ones. I find Mega Shine is sticky and thicker and the two I got isn’t really all that pigmented at all. It doesn’t glide on the lips as easily as the Round Lip Glosses so I’m not big on these ones. Have anyone else tried them? What are your opinions on them? It would be great to hear them, so just leave a message in the comment section of the post.

My last Round Lip Glosses haul consisted of some more nude and light colours, this time round I went for the brighter and bolder colours and I’m glad I did because I found some really nice colours among the collection. The bright and bold colours can be so attractive and I don’t normally like buying colours like some of the ones I picked out. I think I’m starting to like brighter and bolder colours on the lips. Especially if my eyes are going to be a bit neutral I would pair it with brighter lips Loving the colour of Wild Orchid and Frosted Plum a lot.

I bought all three of the Doll Eye Mascara collection because it was cheaper if I buy the set. I have no idea what the difference are and the bottle looks the same. Even the mascara wand looks exactly the same. It only says Long lash, Volume and Waterproof. So I’m going have to really put in some time and actually test them out and figure out what the difference between the three is.

Now onto the freebies, I just did the swatches for them. Nothing special and I already got the Lip Liner Pencil in that shade so I threw the free one into the bags containing giveaway gifts that I’ve been collecting for the 50 followers giveaway (When I finally get there).

I also noticed the Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Rust which is the free one is in a different packaging compared to the two that I ordered. It’s plainer where I noticed the other two has a cute little bow on the top of the cap. I’m guessing the packaging had changed.

I hope he swatches was helpful and feel free to share your opinions in the comment section. In case anyone is interested in buying from Joy’s Cosmetics from Ebay the link is here:

I am in no way affiliated with Joy’s Cosmetics and I am not paid to review NYX products nor am I being paid to advertise for Joy’s Cosmetics. What I’m sharing is purely my own experience and opinions.


  1. I LOVE NYX cosmetics :p I discovered them not too long ago :)

  2. i love NYX products too!!! though not everything from their range but most. i only started using their products like late last year because i didn't want to shop online too much. now i just have to if i want to buy their stuff :p


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