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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eve Pearl HD Duo Foundation, Trio Salmon and Loose powder Review

Hi guys, I should of done this review quite a while ago. However I wanted to give a more accurate review on what I thought about their products that I bought over a month ago. Gave it a good testing and I have to say I quite like it, even though my first impression wasn’t exactly great because I had a bit of doubt.

Anyway I’ll start off with the HD Duo Foundation and I bought the shade in light. The shade is very nice, it really fits me well and I’m surprise at how well it goes as well. I have to say it is a bit hard to work with because it a bit thick, but after watching some tutorials on Eve Pearl’s website I learnt to blend it in the proper way. I know it looks weird because you would think; why does it have two different shades? How would you use two shades on your face?

Well watch the tutorials on the website, they really do help and they also explain where to put the light and darker shades. Eve herself had done a tutorial using herself in it to show how to use the Duo Foundation. She has other videos where she had done a makeover for Youtube gurus like Pursebuzz and Temptalia. There are also tutorials for people of all skin type so I found her website very handy.

The lighter shade goes on the nose, eyes, side of the face (jaw line) and just a little bit above the darker shade. For the darker shade you would put that on your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. It is recommended to blend outward and to start from the forehead and work your way down (I think, might need to check the tutorials again to make sure). Don’t worry you won’t have weird patches

The one very important thing when blending the foundation shades together is to use a wet makeup sponge. The wetness of the sponge blends the foundation together better and makes it a smoother application. I find it works quite well and that even after having to touch up certain areas and layering on top, I don’t feel like I have loads of makeup piled on my face. It feels really light and the coverage is good as well.

The salmon concealer is supposed also an eye treatment and Eve recommend that if you have darker circles under your eyes you should use a darker concealer. I ended up buying a trio one so I can vary from summer season to winter season when my skin shade changes. It’s like the foundation, a cream base and is kind of thick to begin with but using the wet sponge to work it in, I think it does well for me. I haven’t had a concealer that covered my dark circles so well. It really made a big difference to me and I’m happy with it. Eve puts on the concealer after the foundation and normally when I use concealer I prefer to put it on before foundation. That’s because I find it a lot easier to blend, but putting on after was just as easy when I used the concealer with the HD Duo Foundation. I definitely love the products so far.

I also purchased the loose setting powder instead of the photo finished pressed powder as I find loose powder works better for me compared to pressed powder. It’s very light and translucent. I didn’t find anything special in particular compared a normal powder that I buy from a drugstore so I can’t say I’m thrilled about it or that it’s not good. It’s the typical standard loose setting powder for setting the foundation and concealer.
Even though the products are generally quite pricey to buy and the fact that I have to order it online I probably won’t purchase it as often as I would with other foundations. However it does work and it feels great on the face, not cakey or dry and I was never a fan of the cream foundations ever. I had always been the liquid foundation girl.

I recommend Eve Pearl products to those who are looking for great coverage yet light/sheer feel when applied. Great customer service and fast postage is always a bonus to a nice smooth transaction. Don’t forget to look out for promotions and sales!

I am not affiliated with the brand mentioned and is not being paid to do this review. Everything mentioned above is my own personal experience and opinions of the products.

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