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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Face Shop Nail Polish Mini Haul and Swatches

I have never tried anything from this brand so this is the first time and I only picked up some nail polishes. I think next time I might pick up some of their makeup or beauty range like a moisturizer or something and try them out. The Face Shop is products made in Korea so I’m quite interested in trying things out from them. However the shop is really small so I don’t think the range is all that big, but I guess there is no choice about that.

For those who live in Perth Australia this is on located in the city between Murray Street and Hay Street in Piccadilly Arcade. Otherwise for those interested in checking out the brand they have a website here:

Anyway they were selling nail polishes for $4AUD each otherwise it was 4 for $12AUD so I got four of them.

I got four colours that seemed to have caught my eyes.

OR205 – Is a bright orange
YL702 – Is a bright yellow

These two apply on smoothly and the coverage is ok with a minimum of 2 to 3 coats so it’s not too bad for the price I paid for them.

OR204 – is a clear red with glitter particles in it

Therefore this one dries all rough and bumpy because of the glitter. It also a clear kind of red so it turns out a bit pink to my eyes. Not my favourite or my kind of nail polish.

WH004 – Is a clear polish with glitter and stars in it

It’s not easy to pick up the stars in the bottle and then transferring them onto the nails so that was a bit of a disappointment; though I think it looks nice if you can get the glitter and stars onto the nail.

My honest opinion for these is only ok and nothing special. Not something you must have but for that kind of price I can’t really complain too much. They work better than some name branded ones and some cheap brands ones are more expensive than these ones. I remember the colour range for the nail polishes wasn’t all that big, but I may go back for more depending on how my mood is when I’m shopping there next time. However I saw they sold false eyelashes and my cousin had recommended them, thus I may buy some next time to test them out.

Have anyone else used anything from The Face Shop brand? If so please do share your opinions on them.

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  1. Hey Mandy!

    Love your posts!

    Ive been to the Face Shop I am very fond of the quality of their skincare products esp

    the White Tree - Sleeping Cream. I found it was light, ultra hydrating, easily absorbed and when i woke up my skin had a nice velvety feel not oily with the discovery of a new pimple. It was one of the only night moisturisers i used up completely. It sells at about $30+ but you get a decent amount of cream $/ml. Theyve sold out recently because of its popularity but have notified me some more has just come back in stock.

    Ive tried some of their cosmetic products too! (lipgloss, foundation $12, eyeliners, eyelashes $4) and like you i find the quality only ok, i do find however their colour ranges in relation to asian skintones are great esp for the price and variety (or lack of) in Perth. I always go back cos its so hard to find suitable colours that suit asian skin for a low price.

    Cheryl F ;)


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