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Friday, June 3, 2011

Recent FOTDs...


Did you guys miss me?
Blogger had been a bit stuffed up lately so I couldn't post properly, hence the lack of post on my blog :(

Also I've been reading a lot of blogs lately BUT I am unable to show love, because it won't let me comment!!!!!  Fail!  It kept telling me to log in and everytime it will just keep telling me to log in, thus it refuse to let me post a comment :(

I'm sorry I haven't being able to comments on other beauty bloggers who have being posting more frequently.  Stupid Blogger is not yet fixed and I still can't see my followers, nor can I post properly or even comment now.  I've notified them but they haven't gotten back to me or fixed the problems yet :(

Anyway enough sad faces and get on with what I'm supposed to be sharing today.

I have to FOTDs that was done sometime this week, but I've completely forgotten what products I've used so that was a major fail too :p

Completely naked face!  Getting ready for work :)

I'm human just like everyone else and I have a lot of imperfections :p
Look at all the red circles, though most of them are blemishes or pimples

After full makeup application

Natural I used a gold and brown for the eyes from Still Glamorous Pigments :)
Damn my forehead is big :p and my face is so round XD

Showing a bit of contour and blush colour?

Don't even remember what I used here :p

I need new glasses >_<

The only thing I love about winter is scarves and hats :p
I hate the cold so much!

White scarves obsession much?

Also it is long weekend this week where I live so I'm going on a mini road trip with some highschool friends to have some fun and relax.  Weather isn't looking good and looks like there is going to be rain and some sort of thunder storm :S  Oh well we'll try to have fun regardless anyway.  So hopefully when I get back I'll have some nice photos to share with everyone :)

Can't not finish this post with my silly faces :p

Swollen cheek, reminds me when I got my tooth pulled out and I swelled up

This is one rather ugly photo of me, but I found it funny and just had to share my idiotic side >_<


  1. I actually think you look perfect/flawless even without all the makeup. You look so pretty@

  2. glad to see your back. i know it sucks blogger is having all these issues. u look fine without makeup lucky you =D enjoy your road trip take care

  3. You have such a cute smile :) I love the hairbands!

  4. Hii, stopped by! haha love the last pic, u look great without makeup!!!! Follow each other??? :)

    xo Emma

  5. Haha. Love your pictures! Beautiful. =) Great blog. Definitely following.


  6. @JC: thanks :) my skin isn't that bad but i have my days when it breaks out like crazy :p

    @KayKay: thanks :) hahaha i look like hell without makeup at times :p just not this time. i have a great trip :)

    @Rainy Days and LAttes: I'm a headband/hairband obsessed girl :p

    @Emma: thanks for stopping by followed you :)

    @Dinah: thanks for dropping in and following. I've followed your blog too and will prob take ages to catch up on the reading :)

  7. very nice blog! ;-)



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