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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Inglot Matte Eyeshadow from Bargin Bin Swatches

I'm back! 

Yes the title of the post says it all.  I am back with four more shades from the Inglot Matte Eyeshadow range and they are once again from the bargain bin.  They each originally cost $22 each but I paid $11 for each one :)  50% off for Inglot mattes!

Yay!  more to the collection :)

I didn't plan to buy anything and yesterday I was shopping with a good friend who had asked me sometime ago about helping her out with buying blush and contour powder.  It was a good day with great weather and I very much enjoyed shopping with her :)

Pink: 359
Purple: 392
Green: 385
Peach: 368

Well my "I shouldn't and Don't need to buy anything" failed as you can see because I am here to share with you my four newest shades of Inglot matte eyeshadows with you guys.


They're gorgeous!

Top without a base
Bottom with TFSI as a base

Love them!

I will have to keep an eye out next time I pop down to that shopping centre.  Luckily I don't go there that often anymore so less spending which means good for the wallet :)


  1. I love inglot =D!!!
    Thanks for posting it, the purple and apricot color (?) are awesome
    I needa check out my local inglot to see any 50%off item XDDD

  2. Wow, what gorgeous colors. I'm jealous since I've never used an Inglot product before so i know now that I must buy some.....xo

  3. that green looks gorgeous :) your makeup collection must be drool-worthy.

  4. ok maybe i am behind but what is inglot?

  5. Awesome colours. I love inglot shadows. What is bargain bin and where is it?

  6. ooh amazing especially those swatches! I want some lol :( hey if you ever want to do a CP with me ;) lol since i barely ever get to go. my bro used to work in garden city so I should have given him a list of what to get :P

  7. Snap! You got some great colours. I snagged some of these a few weeks ago. I love the Inglot mattes & most of these pots aren't available in the freedom system (yet). Great haul! :)

  8. O M G These colors are AMAZEBALLS GORGEOUS! hahaha they're so pretty!!! especially the pink purple and green *sigh* i can't believe you found them in a bargain bin too boot! i love getting something amazing for an discounted price hahah.

  9. i loveee inglot. you got a pretty great deal. hope to see some looks soon with the shadows


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