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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Smashbox Cheek Palette Close-Up

This palette is pretty old in the Smashbox cosmetics range and I’m pretty sure this came out all the way back in 2009 as a part of a new collection or something. Anyway I bought this a while back from All Cosmetics Wholesale (Online store) for US $14.99. I bought it mainly because it would be great to take with you on travels. That works out to be about just under US $5 per colour? (I hope my mental math is working fine)

Simple black palette

It’s small, slim and lightweight. There are also 3 colours in it so that is in my opinion more than enough shades of blush for travelling purpose. Beats throwing in 3 full size MAC blushes or other brands right?

The other reason I picked this one up was because they’re all matte shades (I LOVE matte blushes) and the shades seems likes ones that I would use on a regular basis too.

mirror and 3 shades to choose from

However I wasn’t sure of how big this item would be and was thinking what if it came to me in a really really small compact, like sizes of eyeshadows?

When I finally got it I remember thinking, oh it’s bigger than I expected but a pretty good size to carry in your makeup bag when travelling. I’ve used this palette about 3 or 4 times now and I like it. It’s pretty handy and the pigmentation is good too.

As you can see here it’s just a simple black sleek looking palette and it comes with a great size mirror inside, which is handy. It is also pretty thin and even with a mirror that big in it, the palette is super light! I compared it to a size of MAC Fix + (The closest thing within hand reach) so that you guys could see how big it is in length.

Came to the same thickness as my index finger so pretty thin :)

Compared the length of it to a full size bottle of MAC Fix +

Compared it to a pro pan size of MAC Eyeshadow and a full size NYX Blush.  I think the sizes of the shades are pretty good :)

The palette comes with Net Wt .33 oz or 9.48g.

Here are some swatches I did for you guys to see. It’s being swatched on my hand that had a thin layer of foundation and then powder. I did this because it would be just like swatching on your face…

Close up of the three shades

Top row is just straight swatches onto hand
Bottom row is blended out swatches

Have anyone else tried this product or recommend any blush from Smashbox that is worth trying?

If you’re wondering where I got this then click on the link (I am not sponsored or affiliated with ACW)

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