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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NP Set – 12 Colour Eye Shadow Palettes

Recently I picked up two NP Set palettes out of random and I probably just bought them because they were on sale otherwise I doubt I would had picked them out. NP Set is just a more affordable cosmetic/beauty range from the famous Napoleon Perdis Brand. It’s sold at Target here in Australia and recently I’ve seen some chemists are also stocking on them (but not the complete full range). Anyway Target was having a sale on their cosmetics so I like to browse around to see if there is anything worth buying that I like.

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried NP Set and probably will not be the last. I currently use one of their Face Primer and I also use their synthetic brushes (very basic range). However it is my first time actually using their eyeshadows. I guess I sort of had some good expectations from them since I’ve used tonnes of Napoleon Perdis makeup at school.


They are completely different to what I had thought they would be. Some bad news and some good ones. It’s like that with all products but keep in mind these are only my own honest opinions on them. There may be other reviews/swatches where people will have a complete different view of them compared to the way I saw them.

Anyway let’s get down to some information about them…

2 NP Set Palettes of 12 colours from Target.

Smoke Signals
A 12-color eye shadow palette for smoky, dramatic glamour.

These 12 sultry eye shades mean you can fire up a dramatic smoky statement in no time.  Select your sizzling color statement and then apply the vampy black shade with a wet brush and smudge for extra heat.

What's in it for me
Vitamins A,C and E have nourishing and antioxidant benefits.

New Neutrals
A 12-color eye shadow palette for knockout classic style.

Create an endless variety of looks - from restrained work-appropriate elegance to full-blown evening glamour - with these 12 shimmering shades.  Play up one color on the eye lid, and then use a light shade to highlight and a dark shade to define.

what's in it for me Vitamins A,C and E have nourishing and antioxidant benefits.

Website to check out more information or products here:

These I think retail at Target (Australia) for like $15.99 or $14.99 (I don't remember exactly, but I bought them for about $10 each so I thought that was alright.

It's a very handy size and rather compact so it is a great travel palette.  However it is made of card so probably easily breakable and it gives off a cheap feel to it compared to other palettes they have that are in a plastic compact.  Then again these ones are cheaper than the other palettes in the NP Set range.  It is a magnet closure so it will clip close, but I did notice it isn't a strong magnetic closure so I'm not sure how easily these will be opening during long travel time.  Each compact comes with a mirror (decent size) so it is also handy to have in your handbag for touch up.

magnetic closure

Thin packaging

compact is small so great for travel

Here are some swatches of the shades from each palettes.  The top line with without a base and the bottom line I used an Estee Lauder eyeshadow base.

Colours in the Smoke Signals Palette - no names for the colours so I numbered them

First Row of palette

The dark purple colour is pretty disappointing.  It's doesn't stick very well and it isn't that pigmented, it also rather chalky/powdery so it is a little harder to work with.  The white didn't stick very well either but it improved when a base was used to adhere it to the skin better.

Second Row
 I thought the purple was such a pretty colour until I swatched it and saw the colour payout with and without a base :(  I didn't fancy the colours in this row beside the brow which was only an OK in my opinion.

Third Row

Black is not pretty and it has too much glitter in it to my liking as well as it doesn't stick well or blend well.  The purple wasn't too bad and it would be my choice as a darker to shade to smoke out the look instead of the black.  However the brown and the copper colour was pretty and the colour payoff was good too :)

colours in the New Neutrals palette - no names for the colours so I numbered them

First row
 The first shade is rather sheer as you can see, but I think it would be something you could use to blend out the harsh edges without giving the look anymore pigmentation or colour to it.  The white in this palette turned out a lot better than the Smoke Signals one so I was surprised about that since I thought they would be the same colour to begin with (I guess not!).  The coppery/orangey colour is so pretty!

Second Row

 Look at the pigmentations!!!  LOVE!  All turned out pretty well with the shimmer gold/white lacking a little without a base but wold be a perfect colour to highlight the inner corners of your eyes to give it that pop!

Third Row
The last row wasn't that great but still good and the colours are pretty especially the pinkish/champagne colour which is a pretty highlight colour for under the brow.  Number 10 and 11 are great for using it as a darker shade to create a smoky look as well as just darkening the outer corners of the eyes to define them.
If I was to recommend them, then I would say the New Neutrals palette is a yes and the Smoke Signals is a miss.  I would repurchase the New Neutrals but not the Smoke Signals if I ever had to buy it again.  The pigmentation in the browns were a lot more satisfying than compared to the smoky palette.  I actually thought initially that the smoky palette would turn out better, but I guess my prediction was way off.
Anyway I used the New Neutrals palette for this FOTD (# 1,2,10,11).  Looking super natural and it lasted all day with an eye primer as a base :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend and that their week is going well too. Since Perth had a long weekend I took a road trip to a town in WA called Denmark and I hope to share some travel photos with you soon when I fially can be bothered to upload the photos and get some more photos from friends who had nicer DSLR cameras compared to my simple digital one :)
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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm not impressed with the color payoff of these at all. How disappointing! Ah well! Trial and error, right? Glad you like the Neutrals palette!

  2. the colors look pretty on the palette but not much pigmentation on skin huh, regardless you look adorable in those pictures!! :D

  3. I haven't heard of this brand, these colors look amazing. Thanks for sharing and the review.



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