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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Peninsula Tea Gardens in Mayland and FOTD

Love Saturday!  Except today was a bit gloomy even though the sun came out for a little bit in the afternoon, but soon disappeared.  Anyway was in the mood for some high tea so I and my friend Mandy (yep we have the same name) too a trip down to Maylands (about 30minutes drive from home) for some lovely high tea.  I heard of Peninsula Tea Gardens at the Tranby house for a while now, but never got around to trying it.  Mandy (my friend) was also hopging to try it out as well so it worked out well.

A nice large table just for two :)

The place was so quiet and calm that it was so relaxing.  The Tranby House is apparently the only farmhouse in that area and it is right by the river so the view was pretty.  It would of being prettier if the day was sunny, but I gess sometime not everything in life is perfect.

Very cute yet simple table setting.  The cups and stuff were so old fashioned that I liked it that way :)

We both ended up getting the Buddha Tears tea, which was a mix of Jasmine and silver white tea leaves.  It was refreshing and I quite liked it and some thing different to my usual Earl Grey tea that I normally get.

that cream was so good!

One VERY happy little lady


Loved the salmon mini sandwich... tasted so good yet so simple!

Anyway now onto the look for the day.  Nothing extravagant, simple yet sort of natural with a dark eyeliner on the bottom and upper water line.  I rarely darken the waterlines but today I was just in that mood so I pulled out gel liner (my trusty Inglot one) and went ahead and it lasted all day!

Taken in the bedroom with the lights from my vanity table

This kind of pose is like becoming a compulsory pose in every FOTD I do :p

I used my Napoleon palettes of neutrals/browns that I reviewed not too long ago and I have to say I'm putting it to some good use, where on the other hand the smokey palette haven't been used since I've swatched it (Fail!)

Liked how the lighting in this one turned out :)

Damn my fizzy hair!!!

Have you noticed the hair turned a bit more red compared to when I first got it dyed?

Accident photo aka unprepared and accidentally pressed the button but I thought it turned out ok :p

Of course we can't end a FOTD post without a silly photo XD

Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)


  1. awww LOVE!

    having tea with a girlfriend is seriously one of life's little pleasures!

    love your makeup mandy especially your eyeliner!

  2. the pastries look delicious!!! :) You both look fabulous!! Hope you had a nice time :)

  3. @Lisa: it is certainly a life's little pleasure to enjoy some tea and goodies with a girlfriend(s)

    @Rainy Days and Lattes:it was delicious!! and i definitely had a nice afternoon despite the gloomy weather :p

  4. That was such a nice post :) & that high tea food looks sooooo good!! & that lip colour is gorgeous!!


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