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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still Glamorous FOTD #2 and new hair colour

Dropping in once again with another post, however I feel I should drop in more often.  Then again I wear a lot of neutrals so nothing really exciting to show.  I might for some EOTDs in my spare time to share so hopefully I'll get inspired soon to do some.  I've being working on some stuff so that's probably why I'm not around as much as I should.

Anyway Last weekend on Saturday I got my hair coloured because my favourite Hairdresser was leaving :(  I'm so sad because I loved her so much the way she styled me.  She was such a sweetie and she always listens and suggests things when you get stuck not knowing what to do.  I had no idea what I was really doing that day because when I got the news she was leaving I had to call in just to make an appointment.  Saturday was her last day and I was her last client!

Anyway that morning I woke up and I didn't know what I was doing.  The day was nice with no rain and the sun was shininy, but it was still a little breezy so I had to wear a cardigan to keep warm.  I was browsing through the blog list on my blogger and catching up with some reading when I came across a colour combination I loved!

I was reading "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"

and Miss Krystle had done a looke inspired by Katy Perry.  I've seen this look but I've never really thought about wearing it.  It's a look that Katy Perry rocked, with the purple on the lid and the green on the lower lash line.  The blogger was gorgeous and the look suited her so well that I had to try it.

It wasn't easy for me since I possess asian eyes so I don't have that double eyelid fold (bummer), but of course it meant I would have to improvise and work around to get it to suit my eye shape.

Mine didn't turn out as dramatic since I was going to the hair salon, but I loved the colour combination and it was certainly something different wear than my usual neutrals/browns.

Here how mine turned out....

Katy Perry inspired look that I saw on Miss Krystle's blog
Improvised to suit my eyes :p

I used two pigments from Still Glamorous; Jolie (Purple) and Picnik (Green)

I also used a brown gel liner from Maybelline since it was a day time look that I wanted it to be more wearable  :)

Don't really remember much else I've used but it would probably be the usual foundation, concealer, powder, etc...

Here is the new colour, taken the following day with natural light from the window and flash.  It's so dark, but it is actually a purple colour and probably a good colour since Winter had finally hit the scene where I live.

I trimmed it a little so it might look a little shorter than the first photo with my brown hair

With flash the colour comes out a lot brighter and even brighter when I'm standing outside under the sun :p

However I will admit!  I miss my previous colour!  I think I've grown to love my hair in a lighter shade, but until next time purple is the new colour I'll be working with :)


  1. whoa purple hair, thats hot ;D

  2. awwww thanks tezza! but i still think i'll stick to light browns next time :p

  3. Very cool. I LOVE it. I love that it's Katy Perry inspired :) It makes me feel like I should do something fun with my hair now!

  4. i love your new hair!

  5. Loveeeeeeee your hair!!! I use to have hair this same color!! And I miss it terribly now!

  6. you look so sweet and preetty :) I love the purple eyeshadow!!

  7. Oh~ I like the new purple! :) It would work nicely with winter :D

  8. i like the look very much,i think it bring out your eyes alot, purple and green alwasy go perfectly together~~~

  9. Nawwww thanks girls! Loved reading each comments :) you guys made my day!

  10. Aww, this is lovely,
    great post !

    Henar ♥
    ... OH MY VOGUE !

  11. loving your hair ! your hair is hot too ! :O ♥ I KNOW i cant wait until i get my pink extensions in ! hehehe. xxxx

  12. Your hair is so cool and you look adorable with glasses! ^^


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