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Saturday, June 25, 2011

FOTD: More Inglot Love

Back again with another look.  Sorry most of them are simple and subtle, but because I wear them to work I can't really make them all out there.  It just wouldn't look or feel right while I'm working.

I will need to find time on the weekend where I can actually sit down and play with the eyeshadows.  Create some dramatic looks with them that are really out there instead.

This pose is back!

On my lips is Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Peach

Anyway the inglot eyeshadows used today are:

Matte #392
Matte #359
AMC #72
AMC #68

Some of you probably noticed I'm not a fan of eyeliner :p

The hands are a bit awkward... more practise with this pose :p

Playing around with the lighting

Super close

Hope everyone have a good weekend!  I can't wait to sleep in and party a little :)

Silly photo of the day...
Not very attractive but I though it was funny how big my nose is here :p


  1. You look so cute and pretty! Also, I like subtle looks. Very work and daytime friendly. Cute Burberry headband, and pose!

  2. Love the look! I think subtle is perfect. I work in a pretty conservative environment so I tend to wear very subtle looks as well!

  3. so pretty....just love so the headband

  4. Hello Girlie.... I would like to let you know that I am tagging you on my blog award :) I thought your blog is awesome!

  5. Haha you're so cute! I love your pictures. =)


  6. I like the colors and how wearable it looks. I have that issue too, love color...but its not really 100% acceptable at work in the same way I love it.I haven't really found a way to meet both requirements like you have though and just go plain lol/

  7. I can't say I know a whole lot about makeup, but the lip color looks so fresh and glossy (but not over the top). Hopefully it tastes delicious too?!

  8. @JC: yeah work makeup should be substle in my opinion. Even if i like colour i try to find a way to tone it down. That is my favourite headband!

    @Jackee: i think most places are pretty strict on the way you dress and look. I also thinks it more comfortable at work if your makeup is subtle

    @Vasu: thanks sweetie! i love that headband so much

    @Rinz: Thanks sweetie! I'll check it out :)

    @Sadie: thanks girl!

    @Onjel: don't worry you'll find a way to incorporate colour into your looks that suitable. Maybe keep it neutral yet with a little bit of a colour pop in it :)

    @Joy: The lip colour is a little on the coral side. It's a Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Peach i think. About it looking glossy... there was no lipgloss over it so i'm not sure why it so glossy, tho the lipstick is not a complete matte shade so that might be why as well... thanks for dropping in i've checked out your blog too! you're a beauty!

  9. i luv the look on you~~~its colourful but without being outrageous~~~~love it~~~



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