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Friday, June 10, 2011

Orange FOTD

For some odd reason I've been obsessed with orange as of late, be it eyeshadow or lipstick even blush!  My mum bought me a cute blush from her trip back to Hong Kong and at first i freaked because it was a majorly bright orange colour.  However she said the lady in the store said it is one of the best sellers out of the 4 or 3 colours available.

Anyway it was freezing in the morning hence the fluffy scarf.  Mornings are very hard to bear and it makes life harder trying to get out of that very warm cosy bed you're still lying in.  Heck I wish I could sleep in and stay there until the weather warms up a littler bit.

keeping the making low profile :) with a little bit of colour

Anyway I only used two eyeshadows on my eyes.  They're both from Coastal Scents Creative Me palette #2 so definitely easy to find substitutes for.  This is no eyeliner in the look either since I just used the darker brown on the base and extended it out a bit.  I didn't want to go over board with the orange blush fear of it making me look like a clown so I started out little by little and only on the cheekbones on the side of the face, rather than the apples of the cheeks.  It gave a nice little warm kind of glow and I liked it quite a bit.

I am human and yes that is a pimple above my brow!

freezing cold!

Summer I want you back!
Anyway hope everyone is enjoying their week and I can't wait until weekend!  I'm so over work already :p

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  1. great look, you have such pretty eyes! i hate having to get out of bed on early cold mornings, i always just want to lie there forever

  2. Orange looks great on you. =) I need to use that color more often.


  3. I think it's pretty. Subtle, but I think that's the best way to handle orange. ;)

  4. @Pretty and wonderful: Thanks! I never really use to like my eyes one bit but i think i love them a lot more now. I wish i could lie in bed staying warm everyday :p

    @Mikelle: Thanks sweetie!

    @Dinah: Orange is a rare colour i would ever attempt to use but I don't know why I suddenly like using it so much :p

    @JC: Yes better to keep it subtle than to go all out with such a bright colour like orange :)

  5. omgosh i would never think to use orange eyeshadow but it's actually really pretty on you! it's very natural.. and almost is like a nudey orange color.. hahah nudey orange that's funny :p

  6. Pretty! A lovely natural look :)

  7. @Lisa: I never use to use it ever! and thanks for the lovely compliment :) nudey orange sounds like a new colour and i like the sound of it hahaha

    @Katherine: Natural is always best especially if you're wearing it to work :p colour is nice but subtle is also appropriate :D

    @Jennifer: Thanks for checking my blog out! and thanks for the sweet compliment :)


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