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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yet another discount promo code to share with you all.

Shop Craze at

is having a sale on TrueFace Cosmetics and thought i would share with everyone even though i won't be purchasing anything from them this time round. I only recently got my NYX stuff from them and i already bought other stuff that are already on their way to us. So i wanted to share with everyone else anyway, in case there is some people out there that actually like TrueFace Cosmetics.

anyway i'll just copy the description of the email i recieved from them.

Take an additional WOOOPING 30% OFF on all TrueFace Cosmetics.
Enjoy huge savings on quality products!
Take additional 30% OFF on already reduced prices and on sale items of TrueFace Cosmetics.

Coupon Code: TF30
Expires: Limited Time.

Happy shopping to those who will be purchasing from them.

Sorry for the lack of update, my father had been sick and i think i'm getting sick too. i've been feeling really drained of energy lately and my throat and nose just doesn't feel right. i'm trying to leap over the hurdle and get well before i seriously get really unwell. There is nothing worse than being sick and having to work all day and night. So lately i've been sleeping a lot earlier than normal to store energy to last the day. hopefully when i'm feeling better i'll feel like doing my make up. All i do lately is moisturiser, foundation, concealer, powder, liner and mascara. Quick and simple and no fuss in the morning since i sleep in a little bit longer. Getting out of bed is so hard!

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