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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Package and Priceline Mini Haul

Got home from work today and found a package sitting on my study desk. My package from Shop Craze had finally arrived after 13 days. Not too bad with the shipping considering that it came all the way from the USA to Australia, which in general normally takes longer. They stock NYX products, not everything but a good range of their stuff and currently also stock True Face cosmetics. I’ve never heard of True Face before (not surprising I live in Australia after all), so if people are looking for a reliable place to buy either products Shop Craze is great.

The website address for this place is:
I am not sponsored or affiliated with them; I bought NYX product with my own money. I was not paid to recommend them or to refer any readers to their site.
I am only giving my personal opinion about my experience with purchasing NYX products from them. I think some of their NYX products are on sale so check it out if you’re interested. Please no hate here, because I’m only sharing with everyone where I shop online, especially for people like me who can’t access these brands in stores.

Anyway let’s get on with the haul. From Shop Craze I only bought NYX products; I couldn’t help it so I took it as a reward gift just to cheer myself up a bit.

List of NYX products bought:
Jumbo Lip Pencil – Pink Nude
Mosaic Powder – Highlighter
Powder Blush – Raisin
Round Lipgloss – Mauve
Round Lipgloss – Real Nude
Round Lipgloss – Whipped
Round Lipstick – Ceto
Round Lipstick – Cinnamon Sugar
Single Eyeshadow – Skin
Single Eyeshadow – True Taupe
Slim Lip Pencil – Beige

Here are some photos of the swatches.
Loving the new lip products from NYX and I’m only starting to get into them as well. Ceto is a lovely colour and the jumbo lip pencil is so creamy that it glides on flawlessly. The lipglosses are so nice and the colours are great that I can’t wait to use them tomorrow. The prices for the round lipsticks and glosses are US $1.95, the jumbo pencil is US $2.90 and the slim lip pencil is US $2.45. I can’t remember which ones were on sale but please check out their site for more accurate price listing.

I started loving their eyeshadow range as well and these two colours are so neutral that it’ll be great for my work makeup on a daily basis. I think the camera’s flash kind of wash out the colours and they definitely look a lot better in real life. Silky smooth and definitely cheap at US $3.45 each.

What I really did love is the mosaic powder in Highlighter and blush in raisin. Both are cheap with a smooth silky texture, which I want to try some of the other colours soon. However I’ll have to wait a bit and try stop my spending and save a bit more for a holiday instead. The mosaic powder I paid US $6.40 and blush is US $5.90.

Shop Craze has a range of different postage and I thought they’re quite reasonable, you can choose which postage suits you the best during checkout. They offer PayPal as one of their payment options so that was a bonus for me.

The package doesn’t stop jus there; it was more of a surprise because I also went to Priceline for a little bit to have a browse while I pick up some toothpaste. I bought some false eyelashes by Beauty Style because they sell them for AUS $3.95 and my cousin told me she uses them and they’re not bad. They do feel soft and it’s not that hard pokey plastic some brands use, but I probably wouldn’t use their glue though. I use DUO, which is great eyelash glue and a lot of places stock them. Even MAC counter stocks them so I do recommend that glue for falsies if anyone is interested. I can’t wait to try them and get back to you guys on how well they are.

While browsing Savvy by DB was having a sale + a bonus promotion of 3 for 2. Meaning not only were their products reduced at bit, they were also offering a promotion sale of buying 3 of their products for the price of 2. Obviously the cheapest product is free, but that’s pretty neat considering how cheap this brand can get. So I picked up 2 mineral loose eyeshadow and a lipstick. Eyeshadows are AUS $3.97 (which is the sale price) and lipstick is AUS $4.95 and in the end I paid AUS $8.92 for all three.

Top for the shadows is without base and bottom is with base. I used Estee Lauder eyeshadow base.
I like their mineral loose eyeshadow quite a bit. Pigmentation with or without a base is great for such a cheap price so will definitely look forward to using them. They’re also easy to apply so it’s not chalky or anything. The lipstick I’m not that fond of unfortunately, it doesn’t smell of chemicals and it’s not yucky. In fact it is quite creamy and glides on, but comes off way too easily; hence it will not last very long at all.

Anyway that’s all for this update, hope the swatches and information helped.

What do you think about some of the products I’ve mentioned?
Leave me a comment on your personal experience with them :)

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