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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Savvy by DB Cosmetics and Model Prefer from Priceline

Today I just want to talk about two cheap brands they offer in Priceline. Savvy by DB and Model Prefer. I only own very little of their products, I only want to talk about 3 duo eyeshadows from Savvy by DB and a palette by Model Prefer. All these are bought on sale and were a while back so I’ve forgotten how much I paid for it, but they were cheap.

Personally I find Savvy by DB has some good stuff for the price they offer it at, and would recommend some of their products for people who are on a budget or only just starting out with makeup. They are inexpensive as most items are under AUS $10 and even better value when they’re on sale. However I don’t think I’ll ever try their foundation, concealer and powder, but anything else I’ll give it a shot at a slow pace of course. So from time to time you’ll see some reviews or looks by using their product range.

Here are my 3 duo eyeshadow compacts. They’re pretty big and the packaging as you can see is very simple. I’m pretty sure original price of these duo eyeshadows are AUS $4.95 or somewhere around there. So in my opinion the price they’re selling it for and the quality of the eyeshadow I think it’s pretty good. It’s not rough, surprising quite smooth and easy to apply. I think pigmentation is not bad either and would look a lot better if a base or primer was used. I quite like them, but they only have number of these combinations and unfortunately some of the colours don’t appeal to me.

Here are some swatches I did of each compact duo.

Model Prefer is a range that offers mostly palettes that are eyeshadows only or a mix. Like a set with eyeshadows, blush and gloss. I bought this small one on sale, but unfortunately it is not a good quality one. I don’t’ like how dry and chalky some of them are. The only ones that are alright and has good pigmentation is the ocean blue, gold and bronze colour. All the other ones are hard, dry and chalky with very poor pigmentation. I probably won’t be buying any of their other products again, it’s just not worth it and I don’t even use this palette because it so hard to get good colour payoff out of it.

Anyway that’s all for now, hope you guys found this short review useful.

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