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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prestige Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow Swatches

I had these eyeshadows for a while now, and had hardly ever used them since I stack them towards the back of the draw. I don’t’ think I bought the eyeshadows, I remember buying eyeliner and 3 of their single eyeshadows from their range at Priceline. However during that time they had those special offers where if you spend a certain amount they giveaway a gift pack. The eyeshadows were the gift pack so I thought that was nice. Recently I found one of their colours in my collection to be rather nice, very neutral brown but definitely nice and something you can use on a daily basis.

Great felt tip? Easy to use especially for liquid eyeliner beginners :D

These ones came free in the giveaway promotion when I bought them a long while ago.

Just a note, I’m not sure if some of these colours are available anymore.

The company have a website here:
Just a note, I am not sponsored/affiliated with them in anyway and they did not pay or sponsor these products to me. These are a part of my makeup collection that I bought a while back.
I like the texture and their pigmentation is not bad, the current price listed on the website for Mono Eyeshadow is AUS $13.50. I’m not sure if that applies to Priceline stores in Australia or not, since I haven’t really ever checked out their product range when I go there to buy drugstore products.

Here I thought I share a review on them and to show some swatches for you guys.

Absolutely love Sandalwood at the moment. It is a great neutral colour for a daily basis wear to work.

Suede comes out more silver in real life :p

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