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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Engagement Cocktail Party LOTN

Saturday 10th July, my friend held her official engagement party and she was absolutely gorgeous in a red dress. Anyway I thought I share a few photos of my look for the night. I kept it simple and rather neutral as well, I didn’t feel like going extreme or colourful for the event. I felt it wasn’t my night to shine, I wasn’t the future bride and thus my look came out like this.

These cakes were so yummy and the best thing of all is that my friend's future-in-laws made them at home.

Here is a before picture with no makeup, I think I didn’t really change that much but I do have to say makeup enhances one’s facial features. Yes those pink things in my hair are Velcro! I’m pretty sure you guys may have seen other people use them or heard of them. They’re very popular in Asian countries and I have to say they are definitely handy when it comes to keeping hair out of you face.

I have so many moles! and my eye bags are so obvious :S
Here is the completed look! Not too much of a change just added a bit of colour to my face. It was night time so the photos aren’t all that great and my room is rather dark.

With no flash, but i can see already the eye bags are not obvious though not completely covered up yet.

With flash......................................

Here is a list of products I used for the look

The Body Shop Face Primer
Revlon Photoready Foundation – 004 Nude
Lancôme Concealer (Refer to previous Lancôme post for more details)
Cover Girl Professional Loose powder – Translucent medium
Maybelline Define-a-brow in soft black
Red Earth perfect eye primer
Manly 120 palette, White shadow
Savvy by DB mineral loose eyeshadow in champagne pink
Prestige single eyeshadow in Sandalwood (Gorgeous neutral brown colour!)
Rimmel Exaggerate eye definer
**Forgot to put on mascara until I reached my friend’s house so I can’t remember what mascara she uses
Chi Chi glitter liner in get down and boogie
Estee Lauder lip conditioner
Cover Girl continuous colour lipstick – 825 In the nude desnudo chair
Noir Blanc lip-gloss in B433

I forgot to take a photo of my complete look, the hair and the dress and everything. So I can’t share that with you guys L

However I did do my friend’s hair for the night, and for some reason I remembered to take photos of that one. I did her hair for her company’s end of financial year ball but I forgot to grab the photos off her since I used her camera last time. Will share that hairstyle with you next time. I personally liked that one better than this one I did for her to wear to the engagement party.

Well I’m off and I apologise for the lack of update. Haven’t really felt like doing much makeup lately. It’s been so cold I just want to eat and sleep to keep warm.

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