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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jesse's Girl Stardust Powder Eyeshadow Swatches

I want to apologise for the laziness, not because I’m bored of blogging but I am absolutely blanked with what makeup I would like to show. I’ve been doing looks but I absolutely hate them or they don’t turn up like I want them too, thus I have nothing to share.

Anyway I stress first thing that everything I mention today is bought with my own money and they are not sponsored/free from Jesse’s Girl. I was not paid to do this review or show these swatches and everything here is based on my own opinion and experience with them. Therefore they may not be the same as other people who had already reviewed or swatched them.

6 colours to choose from

There are 6 shades in this series and each one cost US $4.49 each or you can get it in a set of 6 for US $24 (which is what I did). I actually bought these ages ago and put them aside to use another day and to share some swatches, but I cleaned the whole vanity and put them in the drawers…. Then I forgot them :p bad girl I am!

I find the packaging quite cute with a little bling star on the corner of the lid and a bonus for me is always a clear lid! That way when I do reach for them I can see which colour it is without having to open all of them to see. The plastic is not that thin flexible stuff and it feels really sturdy and strong, so I like that very much. Just beware though that all of these shades are shimmer/glitter shades so if you’re not a fan of that then these are definitely not for you. In the end I did find that the shades it was limited was a bit small, so hopefully in the future there will be more colours to choose from.

Pretty shimmer/glitter shine to the eyeshadows

The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is amazing!  I love them and even without a base under them they are great.  The black (Galaxy) without a base is a little on the powdery/chalky side but with a base it is wonderful.  The eyeshadow is really soft and smooth so when you apply it, it doesn’t feel chunky or chalky and they blend fairly easily as well.  Check out the photos for the swatches and you might just see what I mean.

With Flash
Top without a base
Bottom with a base

Without flash
Top without a base
Bottom with a base
 For anyone interested in these please visit the Jesse’s Girl website here to make your purchases:

Now just a quick peek on my makeup ideas that I didn’t like thus I didn’t go ahead and make picture tutorials or complete…

Covering big red pimple on the nose :p

Didn't turn out the way i wanted it thus I didn't complete it


  1. i like the colors together they work well. you shuld have completed it im sure it would have been amazing :)

  2. wow those eyeshadows look great! the pigmentation isn't bad at all, very nice :) and yes you should complete the look! so pretty

  3. @KayKay: thanks, but i don't know why i wasn't satisfied with them

    @Jennifer: yeah they turned out better than i was expecting them to be. I wished i was satisfied with the looks to complete them but for some reason i just didnt like them :(

  4. Very pretty!
    Can you buy them anywhere other than the website?


  5. @Savannah: I haven't seen them anywhere else other the website. You can probably email them and ask if they sell anywhere else :)

  6. Wow such great colours. I need to get to Rite Aid one of these days and check out this line.

  7. @funnyfacebeauty: The pigments are great too! But havent gotten around to swatxhing them yet

  8. The swatches are very nice!

    I might have to go check these out!

  9. hey these eyeshadow are just amazing!!
    i make use of Jordana time will try this.

  10. Awesome blog!! this is really a nice post.. i am looking froward to see more such posts..

    thanks for sharing!!!

  11. All of the shades are really awesome.I like the peach color very much.


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