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Sunday, April 17, 2011

FOTDs (Day and Night) 16/04/2011

Yo yo!!

Hopping in to share two FOTDs that was done ont he same day (Saturday).  One during the day and for the one I wore out at night for cocktails with some mates.  I had a blast but the suffering at the end of the night and the next day was horrible!  I don't even want to go into details how much craziness we had that night, things didn't come out very pure at the end and I'm shocked at how dirty our minds turn when we're drunk/tipsy.

Anyway I don't really remember what I used since my table was a complete mess, but I know a couple of things for sure.

For the day time FOTD I used...

Napoleon Perdis Light Diffusing Makeup - Look 3 (I'm running low and it is the first time I ever going to finish a foundation completely!)
NYX Round Lip Gloss - Natural
Don't remember the eyeshadows but it was just 2 browns (one lighter and one darker) and a black for the base near the eyelashes.
No eyeliner was used for this look.
Macara would most likely be my trusty Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Waterproof :)
Brows are filled in with the darkest brown from my Milani Brow kit

Can barely see makeup really... super natural is my way for daytime lately :)

Darker at the base

Went to make my bed after I got dressed and did my makeup in the morning, this is what I found lazing on my bed

Someone is looking comfortable :p

Now for night time I didn't really want anything too colourful and nothing too dramatic.  I did do a major wing eyeliner and liked it quite abit.  Actually I've being obsessed with winged eyeliner and false eyelashes.  I have no idea why but the look is working for me.  I did some shocking eyelash application though, it was such a bad job but I had no time since I was in a hurry to head out and was being picked up too.

Products used.... (can't remember all)

Napoleon Perdis Light Diffusing Makeup - Look 3
Eve Pearl Concealer - medium
Cover Girl Loose Professional Powder
NYX Powder Blush - Natural (Favourite blush and I think I'll be hitting pan soon!!!)
NYX Round Lip Gloss - Natural
Some Rimmel Bronzer?
Prestige Cosmetic Black Liquid Eyeliner
Some Red Cherry Lashes
Milani Brow Kit (Dark brown to shade and highlight colour for brow bone)
Eyeshadows - are from the 120 Manly Palette (Some light skin/peach colour and a brown in the crease to give it depth)

I have half bangs so they do cover part of my face, I pulled them back for an overall look of the makeup

I've being loving a dewy finish of foundation over a matte look.

Extended eyeliner

bit of colours aroudn the cheek area

Look how long the eyeliner is!! I'm also loving the eyelashes

I'm going back to healing process now (aka lying in bed), because tomorrow is Monday for me and I still feel out of it today after a boozy night.  I always say I will never drink again but it never works :p

Hope you guys are all having a wonderful weekend and welcome to my new followers!  Thanks everyone who had being supporting me since the beginning and everyone who supporting me now :)  It is much appreciated and I love posting on this blog just for you guys.

If anyone is interested in a Professional makeup blog then please check up my new blog which will only include makeup only from my school courses and other makeup work.


  1. ooh love the wing!! you look great girlie :)

  2. Thanks Ashii :) i'm addicted to winged eyeliner!!! You know I still can't beleive you're live in Perth and I've never seen you before :p

  3. omg the wing is so pretty on you!! it's very sultry hahaha.

  4. Hi dear. I just wanna let you know I awarded you with the Stylish Blogger AWARD! =) Check out the link to the award here:
    <3 Terri-fic

  5. @Lisa: i love wing eyeliner all of a sudden XD

    @Terri: thanks for the award :)

  6. Your makeup looks flawless. You look really cute with your hair tied. Yay th chubby cheek girls. I'm proud to be one :P. Lol


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