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Friday, April 8, 2011

Feeling rather Colourful today... Rainbow eyes

I've never ever done a rainbow eye look before so I thought today's weather was beautiful and I was definitely in the mood to wear something really really colourful.  So behold my first ever Rainbow eyes :)

The bangs are not working for me :p

I should really get my bangs cut professionally, this is my own dodgy job of hair cutting :p

Feeling bright and happy :)

Wonderful weather to have rainbow eyes to wear out


I didn't do it overly dramatic so I went grocery shopping with this after work :)

Can't leave a post without a silly face right :)

Just for fun... edited using photoshop ;p
Have a great weekend guys!  I'll be having a quiet one in so hopefully my creative mind will get running and I'll be able to do some makeup looks to share :)


  1. gorgeous! really pretty rainbow eye :)

  2. Really nice male up , love the redish brown on th bottom

    New follower really liking your blog !!! Thanks for stopping by my post

  3. @starryskies214: thanks :)you looks are even more beautiful!!

    @Ashii: thanks :)

    @Curves ahead makeup: thanks so much for dropping by sweetie :)I love reading you blog :D

  4. Beautiful. You look amazing.

    P.S. We are having a giveaway over on my blog. I hope you can jump over and enter.

  5. omg your eye makeup is SOOOO pretty mandy!! it's like one of those really pretty tropical fish with the iridescent scales.. omg i love love this makeup look!!

  6. @Sunny and Star: Thanks :)

    @Lisa: Thanks Lisa! You're such a sweetheart. Now that you mentioned tropical fish there was this little book i used to love when i was a kid. It had that fish with all the little colourful scales on it and it reflected... can't think of the name of it at the moment :p

  7. Mandy...This is really pretty, I know what you mean about not really doing the rainbow look but it's definitely fun, especially on a nice day. You're right


  8. @Dale: Yeah, Rainbow looks aren't really my thing but that day was just too good to pass up and i thought this colourful look would suit it so well :)


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