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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book Review: Plastic Surgery without the Surgery The Miracle of Makeup Techniques By Eve Pearl

A book review requested by CopyCat aka Smashing Beauty

She ahs a wonderful blog so if you haven't checked her out, you can do so by clicking on the link bove :)

Sharing her techniques and tips

US $14.95/ CAN. $19.95

Very reasonable price book :)

This book can be purchased from the Eve Pearl Website or Amazon.

First full page photo right after the cover.  Looking healthy, youthful and flawless :)
This book contains 7 chapters:

1) Your Skin: So Soft, So Real

2) Facial Magic: Highlighting your own special beauty

3) The eyes and the brows: How to open the windows of your face

4) Artfully reshape your nose: Making the most of your most prominent feature

5) Your Lips: The Spice of your face

6) Breast and Body: The quest for perfection

7) More about the tools of the trade

The book contains great tips and information for anyone interested in makeup. It’s like a beauty guide for beginners and it definitely teaches you little tricks on how to apply makeup that would suit you. Eve Pearl uses a variety of models and she even uses her mother and herself as one in the book. She does before and after photos of each look described in the book and step-by-step instructions on what she did to achieve it.

Step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow

Usign a variety of models from different nationality to different age group.
The book is easy to follow and it’s not complicated at all, however it not an adventurous book so you won’t see any dramatic or artsy makeup looks in here. It’s mostly makeup that you would wear on a daily basis. It’s a makeup guide to help people improve their already beautiful features without having to have surgery. It shoes you tips on how to lift your face and gives it a healthier look.

Eve Pearl even shares some of her home remedies for skin care and I thought that was quite different compared to other makeup books. Her makeup is so flawless that I can’t believe how amazing the after shot is. It’s seriously does resemble someone going under the knife to obtain that youth she have put back into someone’s face simply with just makeup.
Eve Pearl using herself as one of the models on how to give your face a lift.

What I did love was she actually had some recommendations on drugstore products. She doesn’t go bragging on getting all these expensive products because she believes you don’t’ always have to spend a lot of money to get quality products.

I was very interesting in the body makeup part of the book which is chapter 6. Sculpting the breast and even going into more advance makeup like concealing tattoo was something new that I haven’t seen in other makeup books yet.


I recommend this book if you’re a beginner to makeup or you’re just looking for a guide to help you improve how to apply makeup that would give you a healthy youthful look. It’s a great book with beautiful clear photos and the instructions are clear with tips here and there.


  1. Thanks for this post, I actually have that book and haven't read it all yet so I think I'll have to now.


  2. Hey girl i gave you a blog award! you've probably already received it tho oh well :) great book review too!

  3. OHHH i think i'm going to have to get this book!!! i have no makeup skills whatsoever! why are you afraid of ruffles??

  4. Thanks for sharing hun~~ I like Eve Pearls Youtube vids hehe

  5. Nice collection you have here. And thank you so much for sharing it with me. I appreciate your work, good job.
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  6. Thanks guys! hope this book review helped you guys out if you ever plan to buy it :)

  7. Thanks for the review :D
    I was wondering about the book :D

  8. @CopyCat: You're welcome, hope the review helped :)

  9. Thanks for the great book review! I was curious about this, but never found a review on it!

  10. This is a guide to help people make to improve their already beautiful features without having to undergo surgery. It shoes tips on how to lift your face and gives it a healthy look.

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