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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Deprived of makeup drives me insane... today's FOTD

Yay!  I'm back.  I've been sick for like the last 5-6 days and thus I have not touched my makeup since today.  I don't like touching my makeup when I'm sick because of the germs and what not will stick them like crazy.  Otherwise I'll have to keep disinfecting them and that will just take way too long.  Anyway I'm finally feeling 100% again and so I was in heaven today when I woke up and sat at my table in front of everything :)  Bliss!!!!

Anyway I didn't go crazy since I had to go to work so I went super natural this morning.  This sort of natural is kind of like very little makeup on.  Just enough to cover blemishes and give the face a bit of colour.  My skin is horrible at the moment.  Dry and pimples here and there.  It normally turns pretty bad when I get sick because I don't really look after it as well.  All I wanted to do when I get home lately is just sleep it all off.

Enough rubbish, down to business...

Finished product/look


Napoleon Light Diffusing Makeup Look 3
Eve Pearl Medium Concealer
Cover Girl Loose Professional Powder
E.L.F Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
NYX Eyeshadow in Taupe
Milani Brow Kit in Medium - to fill in brows and using the highlight colour on brow bone and inner corners of eyes
MSCHIC Blush - ?? name came off but its a sort of coppery brown colour (use as face colour and contour)
NYX Round Lip Gloss - Natural
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - Waterproof - Very Black

sometime you just don't need a lot to make yourself look great :)

Colour to the eye lid to give it some depth

Colour to the face as well as contouring with one colour, no need to pack on the colours

I went light on the foundation, just enough to cover and patted in some concealer lightly focusing on that really horrible red pimple mark by my brow, forehead and chin.  Also patted on a little concealer for the dark circles under my eyes to make them less obvious.

Super messy hair and the clips are still in :p

I thinkt he dash of colour under the cheek bone gives the face a bit more of a warmth to it...

Need a haircut... goign out of shape

Need to dye my hair again it's black at the top :p

Horrible hair colour

Remember... a little goes a long way :)

Just easier to compare when placed right next to each other... I love looking at before and after photos :p

From no makeup with red marks here and there to smooth even looking healthy skin :) Makeup is magic!

Also if you're interested please check out my other blog.  It's more of a professional blog so I hope you guys could check it out.  I haven't really posted much since I was planning what I should do on that blog for some time and then got caught up in life.


  1. Lots of feel better vibes! You look great!

  2. it's been a long time!
    glad you are feeling better :)

  3. @Makeup Merriment: thanks, i'm feeling great :p

    @Mikelle: yeah been too long :p i'm glad i'm better otherwise i might really go insane if i can't touch my makeup :p i'm so obsessed XD

  4. yay! i'm glad to hear you are feeling better :) love your makeup look polished but very natural at the same time!

  5. You look so beautiful. Love your makeup.

  6. You look so sweet and fresh faced :) Beautiful!

  7. super natural looks great on you. Your look fresh and lively.

    Write it in Lipstick

  8. sucks that you were sick, glad to hear your're better now! You look really beautiful hun!

  9. @Lisa: i'm so happy to be well again. Being sick is so tiring and it drives me insane :p

    @Sunny and Star: Thanks :)

    @Rainy Days and LAttes: you should've seen i was sick :p i looked zombie liked then compared to now :p

    @Melissa: thanks for dropping in my blog :) i'm very lively now :p

    @Ashii: thanks sweetie!

  10. hope you feel better doll you look so young and fresh !!! thanks for the lovely words on my blog take care

  11. So awesome to hear that you're well now! Good on you for not touching your makeup while being sick :) Your makeup looks great, very neutral and wearable for day time <3


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