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Friday, June 6, 2014

Vintage/Retro hair and makeup

So roughly about 2 weeks ago my amazing photographer friend had contacted me about shooting with her.  Her partner's grandparents owned a house that was very retro and I seriously did not know what to expect.  Upon arriving after a little bit of a drive, around 45 minutes or so I couldn't believe it the minute I walked into the house.  It certainly was very retro looking and kept in such well condition.  I seriously felt like time had reversed and I was suddenly in another era time.


Photographer: Natalie Blom of 14th Frame. @14thframe

Model: Janee'liz Blondde

Hair and Make Up: Mandy To @mkt86

Styling: Oh Deer Boutique @ohdeerboutique


  1. ommgosh she's beautiful! i'm in love love love w/ her smokey eye makeup!!! i really struggle w/ smokey eye makeup i know you're suppose to layer but no matter how much i "layer" on the colors it just looks like a black whole hahaha. i love that dress she's in! the peplum and print is so vintage and chic! i sort of wish everyone still dresses like that everyday now hehehe :p

    1. I wished people still dress like this too! It was so much fun creating this retro/vintage look. Especially when my photographer friend had just sent me inspiration pictures of what sort of photos she wants to capture and then let me free to do whatever.

      My key tip to doing a nice smokey eye that isn't a wad of black colour is a good cream based eyeshadow that is grey/gunmental grey. Then layering over that with a matte light grey eyeshadow. After that using a soft black and from the lashes start by patting it into the lash line and gently drag/stipple up a little bit.

      After you done that blend the grey and soft black together. Then with a very black, black eyeshadow smudge that into the lash line to blend.

      I also like to use a taupe/soft brown through the crease of the eye to give it depth/contour and to smoke out the harsh grey/black colour.

      Give that a try and see how you go :) I used to hate smokey eyes because I was taught to do the black panda eyes :( It was so not flattering at all!

    2. forgot to mention I also did a subtle winged eyeliner on her eyes too :p


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