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Monday, June 23, 2014

Makeup Artistry, New Cabinet and Food

Been busy even though it's supposed to be quiet season since it's Winter.  Perth had also gotten very cold here and my fingers are so stiff and cold at the moment, typing is extremely difficult!

I seriously love my job, to an extent that being out in the freezing cold, getting rained on numerous time or even tearing my tights is all worth it!

Being able to flip through some amazingly beautiful gowns during photoshoots are always a positive!  Some amazing local designers like Zhivago, Ruth Tarvydas (who recently passed, absolutely sad!  She was amazing), etc

The above are recent, actually very very recent!!  It was only just last Friday and the weather in Perth last week decided it didn't like us and was rather stormy.  Nothing went as planned and it was raining so much it was rather miserable.  We got rained on numerous amount of time and we kept having to stop and thinking of another plan. The model was absolutely stunning and a super woman!  She was bloody freezing wear light dresses/outfits and she still managed to pose as if it wasn't cold.  Bless her!  Now that's what I call a dedicated model!

If you've ever worked or being to a professional studio, you know that the proper white back drops are curved and painted.  So the biggest hate photographers don't like is black shoe foot prints all over the nice white backdrop.  I can't blame them because when I see it, it just looks so dirty!  Hence as a makeup artist who constantly jumping into the photos to fix the model's hair/makeup and maybe shift the outfits to the right position I have to take my shoes off.  Most of the time I'm alright, but this day was particularly busy.  I was on my feet running back and forth and then out to get things and back.  I didn't even realised I had torn my tights until I got home late that day and took my shoes off.  These were brand new by the way, so I guess I need a new pair already... OR I shall never wear tights to work again hahaha.

 Bought a new sofa for the parents, which they struggled to put together.  So I was left by myself to put it together.  How lovely of them to leave me that kind of task after work.  I swear it wasn't that hard!  All they needed to do is attach the legs and slip on the head rests.  Obviously they're just not very good with that kind of stuff haha.

 My New cabinet arrived with the new sofa so I was excited to finally get rid of all the little random coffee tables.  This stored so much that I still have space in it now to store more things, not that I need more stuff.

Cleaning is just a dreadful task and this seriously took forever!  I got through it after taking so many breaks!

Was in serious need of a new mirror that was bigger since the old one had suddenly become too small and a bit out of place.  Found this one on sale for $30 so I was happy and it fit the wall section perfectly.

I mean my studio isn't perfect but it definitely looking way better and a more professional than it was before. This new set up is so much easier to work with and I'm enjoying that I can store away all my  makeup and hair products.  One day I'll have my dream home studio or salon!

Stocked up on some Illamasqua foudation as I had purchased then from another makeup artist who had bought them, tested 2 of them and never used them.  the rest was still new and not opened!  Since I use Skin base quite a bit I thought why not since it was so cheap as well and I wouldn't have to order more online anytime soon.  I also bought a MAC blush and eyeshadow off her since she didn't use them either and they were pretty much only swatched!  It always makes you feel better when you get makeup for a good bargain!

These are all the lipsticks, lip paint, and glosses I own.  As you can see I don't own much lip glosses.  I'm not a fan of them and personally a clear would pretty be all I need as you can just pop it over a lip colour if youw ant it to have a glossy surface.

Now it's time for some FOOD PORN!  Well I'm starting off with some not so pretty food porn as they're home cooked by my and some friends.  We know we're old when we're enjoying cooking sessions at home instead of eating out.

Now let's move on to some proper pretty and delicious food porn!

 Stay tuned.  I will be posting up some photos from a very last minute shoot with not much of a plan soon!

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