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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Planning? Nah We Don't Need It.

When you've been in the industry long enough, you end up making friends with other talents you meet along the way.  Some you'll never work again, some you'll work with from time to time and others will simply be co-workers and your friends.

I'm grateful to all the amazing talents I've met.  They had given me experiences and made me grown from a graduate completely lost makeup artist to someone who is now confident with her skills and even conquering her journey with hairstyling.  

Here is some beautiful photos of a last minute shoot together with an amazing photographer and friend.

Photographer:  Elle J Fashion Photographer
Model:  Jacqui Hunt (self styled)
Hair and makeup:  Mandy To,

When you have a gorgeous model with absolutely clear skin, it's not a hard job.  Jacqui is gorgeous and she's great at styling too.  Kept the makeup quite natural and more suited for beauty.  Didn't do much with her hair.  Just some light waves to give it some texture and flow.

I'm not a major fan of matte skin/foundation finish.  I've always loved the dewy/glowy look and with every model or client I tend to just do that.  Unless I've been told specifically they want it all matte, which is quite rare these days anyway.  I also tend to mix my own lipstick colours or I'm more of an ombre style just so it has more dimensions.

Amazing how Jacqui can pose as if it's a normal warm day.  In fact it was rainy, stormy, cold and windy the day we shot this shoot.  Sure it wasn't bad when we were still in studio but outside?  I was freezing and I was dressed warm.  Here Jacqui is posing casually as if it was normal.  I praise models who are amazing at their job!


  1. Great picture and you look beautiful :D


  2. Lovely shoot you got there! Amazing job :)

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