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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Asian Makeup

Being Chinese myself I often get chosen by clients based on my ethnicity and not my actual skills or portfolio.  Sometimes it's sad, but at the same time I understand their concerns!  Most of the time these Asian clients of mine will openly express their worries/ concerns about other makeup artists not being able to produce a makeup style they want.  I'm mainly talking about Korean, Japanese or Chinese styled makeup.  I get people asking all the time what's the different, it's all just makeup anyway.  Of course being the makeup artist I explain they are indeed not the same.  It's hard to explain sometime and I'm sure if you're into makeup and you look at them enough you'll notice the differences between them.

 Here is one of my closest girlfriends in my life.  She's someone I see at least once a week and believe it or not her name is "Mandy" too.  Funny because we call each other by our surnames haha.

I've always wanted to do a makeover for her.  She has the same style hair and rarely ever wear makeup too.  I wanted to make her look fresh and young again, she has gorgeous featueres and her skin is generally very clear except for the oiliness.  By the way, for those who tends to have oily skin should use Witch Hazel as a toner!    All I did was a light foundation with some simple eyes and a coral lip.  Added some loose curls and tada!  She looks so different!

A few weeks ago I had a lovely bride come in to have her trial for hair and makeup with her wedding coming up in August.  She didn't know what she want but managed to send me some inspiration.

 It looks like all the above photos was found on Weibo by her since she's from Hong Kong her self.  As you can the skin is very clear, light and overall simple.  With these photo we had some discussions and we came up with something that I thought was absolutely gorgeous on her.

We opted to keep her skin dewy and glowing as opposed to having it matte.  Clear, light, clean and simple makeup.

Here is her hair, a messy low side bun to suit her blinged out hair accessory!

 Well that's all for now, will try and update the blog again soon.  More so in Mid July since I'll actually have some free time to do things I want to do.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. wow stunning <3

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC, bloglovin? It would be great, just let me know :)


    1. Thank you!
      I use gfc more than bloglovin so will love to follow and check out your blog

    2. Thanks for following. I followed back:)

  2. OMGGG love i'm obsessed w/ asian makeup! you did such an amazing job.. she looks like a legit doll!!!

    1. My bride to be was very pretty to begin with so not much hard work needed on such a beautiful canvas! I see way too many asian faces, I think i get bored and they all want the same thing and I don't blame them. Every asian bride leans towards korean styled makeup! Imagine doing one after another ;p

  3. I love this! Nice work, as usual Mandy! It's been a while- I hope you are doing well! Also, I definitely have oily skin and saw you mentioned witch hazel, I am excited to look into it! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Hey Mikelle! It definitely have been a while. I'm doing great! Hope you and your cute family is doing well too :)
      Witch Hazel is good as a toner for those who have oily skin. It's great to use to wipe down the oily parts of the face before you put on your makeup too.
      Let me know how you go with witch hazel! I seriously love it and it's even great as a quick makeup remover/cleanser. It picks up the smallest dirts that you never thought was there!!


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