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Friday, May 23, 2014

Chinese Weddings will one day kill me...

So I haven't updated much and I swear I have a very good reason!


I swear one day I'll drop dead because I keep constantly doing hair and makeup for Chinese.  I love Chinese brides, their makeup is very fresh and all about the skin.  Korean styled makeup is the most popular for Chinese weddings.  HOWEVER the major down side to being a hair and makeup artist is.... VERY early starts.  Most the time I'm starting at 4am because the brides and her bridal party needs to be ready by 7-8am.  Of course I never do it alone if it's a large group, its very stressful to have to whack out both the hair and makeup for each person so I usually have someone helping out with the hair.

Some people think I exaggerate, I seriously don't!  Chinese weddings has a longer day than your typical wedding day.  They have the whole traditional tea ceremony where the groom comes to pick up his beautiful bride.  That's why it starts so early in the morning!  I seriously get up in the middle of the night, 2:45am - 3:30am for a 4-4:30am start.  I get up when it's still completely dark (night time) outside and it's bloody depressing hahaha!  I see the sun rise and the sky gets brighter.  It really does stuff up my sleeping badly.  I don't go home after the wedding is done.  I'd most likely to rushing off to my next client and then possibly after that returning to my early bride for a hair/makeup touch up or change.  I literally finish around 4-6pm so my day is approximately 12 to 15 hours.  

 My most recent bride from last Sunday, arrived at her house at 3:45am.  Unfortunately this is the only photo I have seen and it was on FaceBook where she was tagged by her friend.  Her dress is absolutely pretty!

This one is from a bridal trial.  She got married a couple of weeks ago and I completely forgotten to take a picture of her hair design.  It was very bohemian style with loose curls and a while floral band that went across her forehead.

Among all my other work like photographic studio work, photo shoots, bridal trials, school ball and special occasion makeovers.  I managed to fit in a lot of hairstyling at home.  Been getting loads of hair jobs for some reason thus I have to keep brushing up on my skills and styles.  Learning as I go and finding faster ways to achieve certain results.

Soft feminine beachy waves, similar to what my bride above would of had on her wedding day.  The style I do the most that I'm becoming an expert at it and can probably do it with my eyes closed!

Ponytail is boring?  Who ever said that is just being plain lazy!  Planning on doing a ponytail hairstyle series, so stay tuned for future posts that will feature more ponytail styles.  This one is actually a double ponytail, which will in return give an illusion of a longer ponytail.

Vintage waves is also something I'm getting asked to do a lot of.  The way I was taught looks great but it sure as hell takes a long time, especially if you have to do a whole head of hair.  Sometime time is very precious.  Actually time is money so at times when I'm restricted to how much time I have to complete both hair and makeup things like vintage waves which can take a bit of time to prep and style is very difficult to conqure.

So the other night, I found and learnt a new technique.  The very fast way to getting your vintage inspired finger waves.  In fact this way of doing it is actually called "Red Carpet Waves".  All those red carpet photos of celebrities with the waves through their luxurious healthy shining hair... is all pretty much done this way.  

Now we can't forget to blog about the one thing I love the most.  FOOD!  So prepare yourself for some food porn!

Most people would think.... this is a pot of oil.  To me this is divine heaven created by my own mother.  This is what we call XO Chilli Sauce.  You can eat it like this or use it in your cooking.  It's not just any old chilli oil.  This is probably the most expensive chilli you'll find.  With all the dried scallops, shallots, bacon, dried shrimps etc that goes into is what makes this amazing Chilli so expensive.

 On the first day that XO chilli sauce was done, I had a massive craving right that minute when I could smell it that minute I walked in through the front door.  Instant noodles with chilli.  Only made it a bit fancy by adding a couple of pieces of roast duck (homemade) and some Kai Lan vegetables.  This meal gave me some pimples but I had absolutely no regret!

The day after I just had to have more of that XO chilli sauce.  So whipped up some thin egg noodles, beef brisket and Kailan vegetables and a big scoop of the chilli on top.  In the end I got some more pimple, but in my opinion it was all worth it!

 There are days I work a lot and I don't bother eating.  I'm too tired, exhausted or lazy to even bother wanting to make food let alone put it in my mouth.  Well when you have a mother who nags about not eating proper meals, she'll just whip up whatever there is in the house.  This is something I had missed a lot and it was so satisfying!  Satay Chicken wraps!

Do you have a crazy mother.  When I tell her "I'm not really hungry, don't cook too much" She nods and acknowledge, however when it comes time for dinner I sat down to four mouth watering dishes.... except there was only two people eating.  CRAZY!  And I wonder why I can't lose weight? HAH!

Sometime when I have a life, or should I say when my dear friends book in an appointment time with me to have brunch... I get to enjoy a meal like this.  A big breakfast meal and freshly squeezed juice.  Apple, Lemon and Ginger.  Absolutely refreshing!

After that many years of being a hair and makeup artist, I have finally hanged up my certificates and awards.  Better late than never right?

I did a massive wardrobe clean out, so I now don't own that many shoes.  Only that 10 of them are either sneakers or wedge sneakers.

The amazing makeup masterclass I did with Dale made me spend a little bit on these new found love.  I'm loving the mineral powders and the retexturising primer!

About a month ago I had some free time in one of my precious afternoon and instead of going home to rest, you guessed it!  I went and joined a lovely photographer friend and did a last minute shoot.  Nothing planned really.  She surprised me when I did another shoot with her this week with some beautiful prints, which will soon be going up on my wall!  The makeup is very dark and vampiric?  Does that even make sense.  Haven't gotten digital photos to have them released just yet, so stay tuned for those!

Just as I was mentioning about the shoot above, this is the wall paper in the lovely old 70's styled house that I did a fun shoot in with my photographer friend.  I had a quick flick of the photos on the camera and I loved them.  Vintage dark makeup with vintage inspired waves and of course a wardrobe to go with it and a 70's style holiday home.  I seriously wanted to rip this wall paper of the muppets off and bring it home with me!

I'm rarely girly/feminine/cutesy/lady-like.  So this is definitely a rare outfit.  99% of the other times I'm wearing black pants, with black top and sneakers or wedge sneakers and my hair is pulled back or down straight.  Pretty boring, so I couldn't resist taking a photo of this outfit on that particular day.

People automatically judge me when they know I'm a makeup artist.  They expect thick heavy makeup and bold lips or smokey eyes.  Sorry to disappoint, in fact I'm rather natural and half the time I wear nothing.  At most I'm like above, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, mascara, brows and gloss or tinted balm.  That's about exciting as my makeup gets when I can be bothered doing it that is.

Miss my mug I bet!  Styling my boring flat hair to one side.  Slick on one side and cascading and messy on the other.  Sometimes a change is nice!  Will be refreshing my horrible faded hair soon, next week I think so I'll keep you guys up to date with that.

Also hopefully I'll have some nice photos from shoots or brides to share with you next time.  Until then, take care and think positively!


  1. yay!! life post! :) i love seeing what's going on in your life. your skin is GORGEOUS so flawless.. i love you in your girly polka dot outfit so cute!

    OMGOSH I LOVEEE XO SAUCE!! over noodles, fried turnip cake.. ANYTHING. drool. i wish we could get XO sauce here.

    chinese moms are awesome aren't they? my mom was like that when i was living at home too. but i got around it by just not eating the rice.

    congrats on all those certificates hon!! you're such an inspiration :)

    1. XO Sauce is the best!

      I take pride in my skin now, I actually don't even use that much skincare either. I jsut make sure it's always clean and moisturised. I like getting lazy and going to work bare face! Nothing worse than having a makeup artist who has pimples etc everywhere on her face :p
      I actually don't eat a lot of rice. In fact its the bread! I like bread :(

  2. Ha-- Chinese Weddings are also the death of my husband because of how involved they are. Except he deals with them from the venue end as he is works at a hotel. That being said, the ceremonies really are lovely!

    And no you have me craving xo sauce! LOVE IT!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

    1. oh Alexis! I feel for your husband! They are indeed beautiful weddings! They're a lot more involved and so much fun too.

      XO sauce for the win! eat it with everything hahaha! It never last very long in my house


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