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Monday, July 14, 2014

Busy Winter season & catching up

Winter season in Perth isn't exactly the best this year round.  We've been having some pretty bad storms and it's so windy that trees are actually being blown over and ripped out of the ground.  However after a couple of days it's suddenly nice and sunny again.  It's so unpredictable it's not funny, but I have noticed that it tends to be stormy, windy and rainy on days where I am super busy and I need to be in different locations for work.  I get poured on as I'm rushing out to the car to go off to the next job and then the minute I get into the driver's seat.  It instantly stops.  I'm not joking here, I seriously feel I'm always running into bad luck or bad timing.  Thankfully I have yet to get sick though so I'm grateful for that!

Many things had happened and I've been so busy I'm starting to always feel tired, exhausted, out of focus and even on a day off I just feel so tired I don't want to do anything.  Haven't really been hanging out with friends or going out for dinner etc.  I rather stay home and mope around.  Do some house chores and then lay around doing nothing.

Perhaps its time I need a break?

Always updating the home studio too since I'm the type who is never happy or I see something while window shopping and I get new ideas.

Who said a bun is boring.  It's only boring when you make it boring.  In fact a bun hair up do is one of the most popular hairstyles women go for when they need to go to a formal event.

Australia post is one major fail, they manage to rip a letter for me and then put a plastic envelope around it.  I still don't know if anything had fallen out.

For some reason there had been some major mix up with bookings/appointments.  My heart stopped last week Tuesday morning when one of the photography studio texted me to inform me the client was running late.  The only thing is that there was no booking in my calendar for this studio.  I thought perhaps they made a mistake and sent it to the wrong person.  Unfortunately it was not a wrong text!!  They had me confirmed for a booking that I don't even remember me telling.  After having to rush from a wedding to this appointment, it was a good 45 minutes to 1 hour drive depending on traffic!  It turned out that this booking was from another week where the client had cancelled due to illness.  She had then rescheduled where the studio had dragged her appointment in the calendar to the new date.  Which means they had all the details and artists confirmed, BUT forgot to tell me.  PHEW!  Thank god I got there before the client, had time to quickly set up and find out what I was doing.  That day was truly exhausting and by the time I got home I just collapsed onto the sofa and closed my eyes for a good 10 minutes.

My cow onsie is definitely my best friend in winter!~

Asians are obsessed with making their eyes bigger or mimicking the double eyelid without the surgery.  I've tried the glue before and I must say it is the most uncomfortable thing ever.  However this time round I bought some cheap double eyelid tape on Ebay and tried the out.  It wasn't easy and I didn't get it on the first go either.  So I tried again and here it is.  SUCCESS!  It certainly does make a different and it completely changed the look of my eye compared to the other one that didn't have a tape.

Accompany a friend shopping for her birthday last week.  Pretty much the only free time I had and instead I came home with two pairs of shoes from my favourite shoe store ZOMP.  They stock an amazing amount of brands and seeing their winter sales I couldn't resist trying on so many pairs.  Making a final choice to buy one was simply too hard so I settled with two.  I think after working so much I deserved a little bit of a pampering right?  Both being leather and the first pair of boots bought this year for winter.  Also it had been a long time since I've worn ankle boots so it's a big win they were on sale.  The leather flats with gold tips is definitely something I don't have in my wardrobe.  It's chic, classy yet sleek and simple.  I'm still breaking into them so I've only been wearing them around the house.  The back of the shoes are definitely softening up and I'm sure soon I'll be able to rock them out in an outfit to suit it.

To finish up the post.  I'm rocking a new haircut and a very lovely colour refresh where the blue came out better this time round.  I'm so in love and obsessed with my hair I can't stop checking it out!  Also it been at least a decade since I had a blunt fringe.  It was something that just came out of the blue from my mouth.  I want a blunt fringe..... on an angle....... Well when you have an amazing friend and hairdresser, nothing is impossible!  To all my previous hairdressers who always managed to convince me to not getting a blunt fringe...... HAH!  I got one!!!!


  1. Hey! I like your hair a lot! And those shoes! I am glad you are staying busy. I wish we lived closer so I could learn about make up from you. Do you have an Instagram?

    1. Hey Mikelle!
      I really love me hair. colours came out way better this time round and I went with a fringe, been like at least a decade since I've had one.
      I wish we lived closer too!
      I have instagram! @mkt86

  2. the food looks great :)

    1. Food was tasty! Thanks for dropping in :)

  3. Could totally understand! You need a break to refresh yourself :) Love your blog!


    1. No break anytime soon. Bookings just keeps rolling in like crazy.
      Thanks for dropping in.
      Will check out your blog!

  4. the food looks tasty !
    and loove your hair !!!

    anyway would you mind if we follow each other ?
    i've already followed you

    1. Hi Thanks for dropping in and reading my blog.

      I have just followed you too :)

      will have to sit down later and read some of your posts!

  5. Love all of the colors in your hair and the hair clip with the bun is gorgeous! I hope the weather improves for you, so that your commute is less stressful.

    1. thanks Audrey! Weather has been a bit nicer this week so I'm happy I'm not getting rained on again and again :)
      Will be checking out your blog too, so thanks for dropping in on mine :)


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