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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Forgotten Photoshoot from 2013

With so much that had happened in 2013 I can't believe I've actually forgotten about a photoshoot I had sponsored all the way back in June 2013.  Looking through the photos the other week I was just thinking and criticizing my own work, like usual hahaha.

Back in June Elle-J Photographer a good friend of mine had asked me if I would help out and do makeup for the winner of Miss Africa Perth 2013.  I had time and I went ahead with it and had met a lovely young lady with gorgeous skin that needed very little work on.

The foundation was flawless with the already great skin, which I had chosen to airbrush with Temptu s/b Foundation.  She only need some light concealing under the eyes, around the nose, corner of the lips and had some tiny bit of blemishes.

I absolutely adore doing dark skin makeup and had so much fun with it, especially the end where she wanted some creative, bold and bright makeup to finish the shoot with a bang!

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  1. i love seeing your work!!! you're so crazy talented and awe inspiring! she looks beautiful!!!

    eeks!! don't go in lol. chanel is a bad habit once you start it's hard to quit lollllololol! honestly i haven't actually been into an actual brick and morter chanel in over a year the prices are too ridic these days!! bleh! but i love my vintage baby :)


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