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Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 First Blog Post

Hope everyone had a great start to 2014, I can't say mine was bad but I can't say it started off with a bang either.  My break was certainly not long enough and my body is already aching and sore and my shoulders are super tensed.  Bridal season is still going strong and despite the super hot weekends we've had (over 40 degrees celcius), brides are still glowing and chirpy.  The heat certainly makes me crankier and I'm constantly dreading the moment I have to leave for another job!  Hahaha even my car is hotter than actually standing out in the heat.  Blasting aircon is the only way to go this summer and I'm certainly happy that business is flying off already for 2014.

Christmas and pre-new year celebrations was spent with my brother's little family and his in-laws.  It's a first for our family as these celebrations had always been just us.  Food of course was amazing, how can it not since it is the season to EAT!  Coming from a family of chefs, I only know how to eat and I don't like cooking.  I can cook but I choose not to, I rather eat and eat and eat.  I cannot bake!  Baking is like telling me to burn down the house so it's the one thing I probably will never attempt to do ever again.

This was Christmas dessert! Mango Pudding, Pavlova and coconut sago jelly and that bag is prawn crackers (so typical asian).   Unfortunately I was starving and I completely forgot to take a photo of the actual lunch!  DOH!

Pavlova with banana, strawberries and passionfruit

After Christmas lunch we all went home to have a quiet dinner since we celebrated lunch together.  Upon arrival mum forgot she had bought apricot last week and unfortunately it was so ripe and soft it was no longer nice to eat.  So what do you do?  MAKE JAM!

My own family's Christmas dinner simple and quick.  Fried fish fillet, wedges, samosas and of course salad and the most random thing on the table..... Raddish Kimchi (do not ask why)

Caught up with a good girlfriend over cake and coffee/tea

THIS!  This was absolute seafood heaven!  This is the pre-new year celebration with the in-laws.  Salmon Sashimi, Lobster Sashimi (dish in the middle that's white), Fresh oysters, Assorted Sushi (I made them!  I felt proud!), Ginger Lobster with Yee Mein, and of course mum's friend wonton parcels.

What?  More food porn?  That's right I have more food porn to share with you all.  I was serious when I said it's about eating.  Why not!  Put on loads of kilos so I'm never going to get rid of them :(

I seriously love this cafe and I absolutely love how they always have 4 new menu items for each season!  Owned and ran by a lovely couple who obviously love food and their presentation is always so pretty!

Smoked Salmon crepe!

Spiced apple and ricotta crepes?  I think that's what it was.

I am a freaking regular here, there had been times when I came to this place to eat 3 times in the one week.  Excellent food, great service and the staffs are always friendly.  Turkey wings are HUGE, popcorn chicken in the middle (my favourite) and sliders of course.

Best Summer fruit ever!  MANGO!!!!!

Now food isn't all I have to share, of course not!

Before the end of 2014, well actually before Christmas My friend Mandy and I (yes we both have the same name!) had bought tickets to Cavalia horse show at least a year in advance.  We paid for expensive tickets, but they were absolutely amazing seats!

What can I say...  The show is beyond breath taking and the love the horse riders/trainers have for the horses were absolutely amazing.  The tricks and the story and the performances were absolutely amazing, beautiful and.... there were a couple of good look guys too (Wink wink). 

If they ever come around to a place near you?  You must go and watch it!  I absolutely loved it and I actually wanted to see it again, but just can't find the time to go.

The tickets we bought were also horse lovers so at the end of the show we could ask one of the performers some questions and then we were allowed backstage to the stable where the horses were resting up after.  All I can say is I want a Pony! Absolutely adorable!

Here is some random bits and pieces....

They LIED!  Vietnamese for dinner one night and I felt like pork, so here I was reading down the list and thinking what the heck?

I'm still a kid at heart...

The new love of my life.  I'm usually not much of a baby or children kind of person.  However this little one being blood related (brother's cutie, my niece) it was love at first sight.  Though being an Aunty makes me feel so much older, this little one is very cheeky and rather too smart to be honest.  Her smiles and giggles are deadly.  Above she's just lying there silent smiling, which is a very rare moment since she is usually bullying the grandparents to keep her entertained hahaha.

You probably won't believe this but this is my first real Christmas present since at least a decade ago.  My family isn't the type to really celebrate Christmas so we don't buy presents.  This one was of course from my great girlfriend Rachael.

One part of the Christmas present.  Extremely cute earrings!

This old dog will always be adorable even if she is moody most the time.

I have a problem?  According to mother I have a problem!  Do I really have one? No way!

How can I not end this post with anything makeup and hair related.  It wouldn't be right at all!

My first ever Sephora product so not too sure what to expect.  A very early birthday present from my cousin all the way in Melbourne.

Dear stubborn eyelashes
I believe I have found the best eyelash curlers ever!
Seki edge are japanese designed and absolutely amazing!  You may struggle a little at the beginning while trying to figure out a comfortable way to use them.  However I do not regret purchasing these that I had to purchase them for my kit too!

Love my Lime Crime Lipsticks!

My ban on buying makeup brushes didn't last long when there is a sale on!

Hope you're all well and that 2014 will be a great year to be had!

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