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Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 is kicking off too fast...

2014 is definitely kicking off really fast for me.  I feel like I'm too slow or that just me aging?  However I'm seriously enjoying the year so far, except today after waking up with a sore throat so definitely not a good sign.  Anyway putting aside today's bad start to the week I've been swamped with work so far so that's a big thumbs up for my business.  I seriously love what I do and being a makeup artist is the best thing I've done for myself ever.  No regret what so ever!

 One skirt that I'm a major fan of lately because of the beautiful mustard like yellow.  So how do you wear this but make it look different?

Expanding the home studio is always fun, I seriously need more room and one space in particular just for hair.  So for a temporary time I had changed this messy coffee table into my hair space at home.  Will need to be on the hunt for something a bit more practical.

 This absolutely gorgeous vintage grand piano belongs inside an amazing old vintage mansion located in North Fremantle.  I had the pleasure of being the hair and makeup artist for a local lingerie designer about to launch soon.  Her pieces are amazing and she's a passionate designer herself.  I was in so much awe with the house that I now wished I took more photos.

My truly have an amazing mother who's also my best friend.  She knows me so well that I don't even have to say a thing.  Simply by walking pass her she will know I need to say something even if I don't show it.  My mother gave me this beautiful piece, a vintage Trifari necklace she wore back in the 80s.  I am absolutely amaze at it beauty and the condition it is in.  It looks like it's brand new, her love for this piece and the good condition she had kept it in means I'll love it just the way she does.  Now what do I wear this gorgeous collar necklace with.

Haven't had one of these "Let's get fat together" girls dessert night.  It was such a great night with a good movie and a great catch up.

When is enough... enough?  I can tell you four sets of hot rollers is never going to be enough when you're a makeup artist.  I'm on the hunt again for more of the big babyliss pro hot rollers.  These are the best hair tools to use when you're doing weddings!  They make life so much easier and the hairstyling job so much faster.

Sample pots for my brides so I can put a bit of lipstick in it for them to use as touch up through out their wedding day.  More pots in a tray for me to depot my many lipsticks that I'm sick of carrying around in my kit!

Selfies!  Been a long time since I've done them, skin was looking alright and then makeup made it look flawless.  Amen to having makeup make me look lovely haha.  Also new frames, simple classic black rimmed frames.

Loving my new Osiris frames, giving me an option to look geeky?

Have a great week everyone!


  1. ahh! i love your new frames they look fab on you! you're such a good makeup artist and so thoughtful.. giving your brides a sample of their lippy color so they can touch it up later on because they will undoubtedly kiss it off lol!!

    omggggosh so many hair rollers! i love that you're using hair rollers too. i swear by hair rollers. i never loved curling irons.. and i totally think hair rollers gives the prettiest softest curls!

    1. yes I noticed not many makeup artists actually give their brides touch ups. I mean most weddings these days are outdoor or you go and photograph outdoor so blotting paper is your best friend to get rid of shine. Then brides are also human so they eat and drink and of course lots of kissing that day ;) A little sample of lipstick is worth nothing to me but for a bride it'll be the best thing ever. They won't have to fork out money to buy a whole lipstick that they may or may never wear again.

      Dear god! Don't even get me started on Hot Rollers. Still after another one of those 32 piece Babyliss Pro Hot Rollers though. These beauties work like a charm and gives me the base to most wedding hair style. I mean I still own curling irons and straighteners as there are other hairstyles where they need to have a certain curl to it, but I can't live without hot rollers though.


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