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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New hair for 2014!

I couldn't stand my hair anymore.  I had cut it shorter previously and then I got buried in work and it grew.  My hair grows fast it annoys me sometimes, yet it's good when I want to grow it long again.

I don't work in a corporate world anymore so I don't need to be as appropriate or mindful of my appearance.  The perks of being in a creative/artistic industry means I can let loose a bit.

I wanted short hair, however I have this perfectly round face!  So what's better than having an asymmetrical hair cut right?

I love my cut and the colour is not its true colour in the photo.  I had to do a selfie and especially when my skin was looking gorgeous so I put on the tiniest amount of makeup to enhance my features.  My brows also look great here!  Winning!  Sometime less is more and so much nicer, fresher and younger looking.

Here are the photos of my before, during and after my hair makeover!


Let's get friendly Bleach!

And so....... the colours go in!  2 shades of Violet and a red!

Colour under the sun!

It certainly suits my casual street fashion, and those are the most comfortable pair of baggy, harem pants ever!

I wear mainly sneakers, wedge sneakers, t-shirts and baggy harem pants most the time.  It's practical, comfy and my feet don't hurt like hell when I come home at the end of the day!


  1. I love this hairstyle sooo much! Very chic =D

    1. It's very practical and easy to up keep and style :p I'm so glad I chose this style over some of the other ones

  2. YAY! i looooooooooooooooooove it omgosh so fab! i love the asymetrical cut! i wish i were as daring as you because it's so badass!! i loved it when i chopped my hair last summer.. i'm thinking after your post that i may do it again when the warm weather strikes again! you look so pretty! :)

    1. I am in love with it myself! Though I do laugh at myself every morning in the bathroom because now my hair is short I wake up looking rather hilarious with hair sticking up all over the place. I will have to share some of them next time haha

      I was like you before didn't want to chop my hair and EVERYONE liked me with long hair. However as I got older, I got a little lazier and then this summer we're hitting well pass 40 degree celcius where I'm living and it's humid on some days too so I had to chop it off!

      I liked it when you cut your hair shorter too! DO IT!!! DO IT!!


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