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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gorgeous Bridal trials and work related photos.

Thought I would share a couple of bridal trials that I've done recently.  Brides are such lovely ladies who are all excited about their big day.  After all they did spend a lot of time planning it and finding that perfect dress.

Fresh, natural and dewy bridal makeup is so popular with the young brides recently.  I'm loving it a lot and definitely thing it's great that they don't want a smokey eye!

Wonderfully sweet thank you from a bride back in October.

Love my career and I'm glad I jumped the band wagon and quit my accounting career!  No regret ever!

From a post back in December when I posted about the beauty shots, well I finally got the magazine with it printed inside!  How exciting!

Also the last shot is of a gorgeous client who reminds me so much of P!nk, she is absolutely gorgeous and her skin was so good that I hardly needed much foundation or concealer!  What amazing dash of colour in her hair as well.  I couldn't resist sharing a screen shot of that particular beautiful portrait shot.


  1. ahhh i love this!!

    your brides look so young, fresh, dewy and gorgeous!! i love love their skin omgosh. tell me how to get that fresh dewy luminscent skin pleasssssee!! lol!

    wahh! that's amazing i'm so happy for you but you truly are such an amazing makeup artist i think you're going to go so far in your new career!! so happy for you hon!! :)


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