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Friday, March 4, 2011

DIY Wedding Makeup

Dropping in to post some DIY wedding makeup, more of a natural look than going glamour or Smokey eyes. This post is done for Mikelle aka MJ at, who is a bride to be. I’m very honoured and flattered that she had contacted me for advice. Never thought my blog would reach people this far. If everyone is wondering where my email is, it is located on the About Me Page and you can find that tab at the top of the blog. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need to because I’ll always be glad to help out however I can.

I have done two looks that are soft and pretty natural/neutral looking. Great for those who are planning their wedding and are on a tight budget. Great for those who aren’t much of a makeup queen and just want something simple they can do and touch up themselves throughout the wedding day.

These two looks are not restricted to only be worn at weddings or for just brides only. They’re wearable to work, or even on a daily basis. They can match outfits easily and you can always substitute the lip colour or cheek colours if they aren’t much of you colour. You lips and cheeks could also change due to the skin tone you have.

I’m wearing a non-SPF foundation as flash photography tends to make your face really white if you have SPF foundation on. I double powder the T-Zone area of my face because this is normally the oily part of the face. I only lightly dusted loose powder over the face. I want a natural dewy glow to my face; a complete matte face is not that photo friendly looking.

For weddings waterproof products are great! In case you cry you don’t want your makeup running all over the face! IF your eyes water and you’re afraid it’ll ruin the makeup I have a tip for you. Before your tears roll out and leave streak marks behind, tip your heard back and breathe in and out deeply. This will help to clear the watery eyes.

Most my eyeshadows are Inglot, but I’ve show swatches of the colours I used so you can find a suitable dupe if you rather not spend a load on makeup that you may not use again. My lipsticks are drugstore brands so no need to go all out just to buy one expensive lipstick for that one day.

REMEMBER! Flash photography takes out about 30-40% of colour. I tend to put on a little it more blush than normal for photos, so it shows up in a nice glow.

I’m not wearing false lashes because it would save me time and I went to work straight after doing the looks. False lashes is an option for the bride, as some may not feel comfortable wearing them or probably just don’t even need them at all.

No more ramblings….

Wedding look #1
Top is Lipstick

ahhhh... stray hair!!

Eyeliner slightly winged out

Light blush glow, it was actually a heavier application in real life.  Due to camera it decreases the intensity of the colours.

Morning with my little doggie :)
 Ignore my bed head please!  Did all of this before work so it is definitely a little messy :p

Wedding Look #2
Top is Lipstick

Used darker shades for this look

Nude Lipstick with a hint of pink

How messy is the hair :p

Pulled my hair back to imitate if a bride had her hair up :p
That's for all :)

Mikelle I hoped this had given some ideas as to what you would like your bridal makeup to be :)

To anyone else don't hesitate to ask just like Mikelle.  I promise I don't bit :D


If I have time tonight I would do a couple of more simple wedding looks, but photos won't be the same as these ones since they're taken with natural daylight coming in through a window :p


  1. very nice and soft looks. love the blush you are wearing, it really warms up your face

  2. it is an all time favourite blush KayKay! and what is even better is that it is cheap! NYX powder blush in Natural :D

  3. Yay! Thank you so much Mandy :) You look amazing!

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  5. I like your choice of colours :) Neutral is always lovely!! :)


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