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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Picture Tutorial: Blue, Purple, Green and Black Eye Makeup

Computer is fixed! I just had to get a new PSU and it was up and running again. Thank god it was only just that, because I thought it was the motherboard and if it was then I was going to be in big trouble.

Anyway I didn’t like how this one turned out but I decided to post it anyway. I haven’t done anything this colourful in a long time now and I thought some of you guys might appreciate it.

I don’t remember what I used exactly, but I did take photos of the actual colours I use so I’m sure you guys can find dupes for it. I think if you own a 120 palette or even and 88 shimmer palette you’ll be able to find colours like it.

Step 1: Start off with a nice clean eye by ridding of excess oil on the lid

Step 2: Prime your whole lid up to the brow.  Here I had used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly.

First colour you'll need is a nice rich Blue.

Step 3: Apply the blue all over hte lid and remember to blend out the harsh lines upward a little

Second eyeshadow colour you will need is a bright purple

Step 4: Apply the purple in the crease making sure to blend it with the blue.
Tip: Build the purple up slowly with a fluffy blending blush to avoid piling on too much to begin with.

Third eyeshadow colour is a vibrant green.

Step 5: Pat the green colour onto the centre of the eyelid, on top of the blue

Step 6: Blending the green with a fluffy blending brush.
Tip: keep building the colour and blending it as you go until you reach your desired intensity.

Fourth eyeshadow colour is a matte black.
All other previous eyeshadows are pearl/shimmer base, therefore the black should be matte to balance it out.

Step 7: with a small fluffy blending brush lightly build up the black colour in the outer corner of the eye only. 
Run in lightly intot he crease a little.
Tip: Don't load black eyeshadow on too much as it is very hard to tone down, therefore always build the colour up bit by bit.

Fifth eyeshadow colour is for the highlight of the brow bone.
I have chosen a very light skintone colour, I'm not much of a white highlight fan.

Step 8: Highlight your brows and blend the purple to reduce the harshness of the lines.

Step 9: Line your uppe lash line with gel liner (or any liner you like) and wing it out a little bit.
Also place the remaining gel liner on your brush to the lower lash line and waterline.
Smudge it out with the blue eyeshadow and purple eyeshadow onto of the blue in the outer corner of the lower lash line.

Step 10: This is optional, apply false eyeslahes other just mascara and you're good to go.

Step 11: Apply false lashes with glue and remember to cover any glue mark with black eyeshadow.

Step 12: Dont' forget to put mascara on to blend your real lashes with the fake.
Also apply some mascara to your lower lashes.

I added a little bit of a shimmer ot the inner corners of the eyes later on.


With Flash
 Finally managed to get about picture tutorial up.  These take so much more effort and time to do than the usual makeup posts.  Even though it didn't really turn out as well as I had liked it to, I hope you guys enjoyed it anyway.

Comments, tips and advice area always welcome here :)


  1. I adore colours like this but I can never wear blues! This look is so pretty though xx

  2. @Sylvieee: I say that alot when i only started off doing makeup. I think you can pull it off but you just got to find the right shade of blue for your eyes :) I use to adore them only, but look at me now i'm wearing htem! and out in public too :P never thought i would ever do that

  3. This is so nice! :D Great color blending, and you are totally right, the matte black tones down the shimmer just enough! >o.O<

  4. @MrsKittyKaBoom: Thanks so much :)Yeah the matte black balanced it all out in the end. I'm glad I didnt go ahead with a shimmer black :p

  5. This is super pretty! The colors remind me of peacocks :)

  6. @Susalie: yeah it kind of does... like MAC's Peacocky?

  7. Hey Mandy! I have some questions for you about makeup, can you email me at when you get a minute? I tried looking for your email on your page but couldn't find it.


  8. This look is amazing! I absolutely love it!



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