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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pure Luxe Cosmetics Swatches and Review

I finally got around to doing this one, which had being on the list for a very long time. I had so many colours to swatch that it took me forever to do and it got a little messy for me, since I’m a bit of a klutz.

Tray of samples ready to be swatched and reviewed

Pure Luxe Cosmetics is founded and owned by Christina Kocher. For more information on them please visit their website.

First of all I would like to say that I was not paid or sent these products for free. I bought them with my own money and I will be basing all of this on my very own honest opinions.

I first heard about them while I was reading various beauty blogs that had tried them so it took me ages to get around to checking out this website. They sold samples so I was elated since that way I can buy more without having to waste too much money in case I didn’t like them. So I was popping things into the shopping cart and before I realise I had 33 samples of their stuff ready to be checked out. That’s right today will be a swatch whore post since there are so many colours. Prepare to be blinded by some beautiful colours.

“Pure Luxe eye colors can be used dry, or with a damp brush for lining, or more intense color on the lids.”

“ Each shadow will look different when wet. It's like having 2 colors in one!”

Her eye colours are very fine and smooth. I noticed most are actually a shimmer/glitter/pearl base and out of the whole lot I bought there is only 1 matte shade. So if you love your mattes then you probably won’t find many on this website. The pigments are very soft and smooth so they do go on very softly, however remember they’re pigments so I stuck a finger into the colour once and then patted it onto my hand/arm to build the colour.

Note: Bling! and Copper Canyon are Pure Shimmer see below for more information

Tangerine is so pretty!

Note: Tropic is a pure shimmer!

Tropic doesn't show up cos it mostly like a glitter shimmer with no under base colour.

I like how some of them turn out, however I haven’t tried them as an eyeshadow on the eyes yet so not sure how they’ll hold. None of the swatches consist of a base; they went straight onto bare skin. Some of them have great pigmentation and the colours were so pretty. I’m loving these colours out of the whole lot though…


A sample size is normally around 1/8 tsp between $1- $2 each and comes in a small plastic jar.

Grape is so pretty :)

Loving Vibe which is a matte colour and Misfit!

Tickle is such a pretty pink colour!

I also want to clarify that Copper Canyon, Bling! And Tropic are not eye colours. They are pure shimmer and located in the specialty color items section of the website. This is what was on the website:

Pure shimmers are 100% mica. These shimmers have no base color, they are ALL flash and glimmer.
Pure shimmers have a multitude of uses!
This is NOT your normal teenage glitter that leaves you looking like a disco ball!
Very adult, very sexy!
Add to you favorite shadow, blush, and lip color for added shimmer. Add to your body lotion and apply to add stunning highlights. Add to hair gel and apply, or sprinkle into you hair brush, brush through, and spray with hairspray to hold shimmers in.
It's uses are only limited by your imagination!

Therefore for pure shimmer I would recommend using a sticky base that will grip to them and make them stay as you can see with Tropic the pigmentation is horrible looking since it doesn’t have a base colour.

There is one thing I didn’t like. It hasn’t got anything to do with the products. It’s the website! The layout and the way things are present is a complete mess and thus I found it hard to navigate since the tabs at the top kept shifting and all. It doesn’t look like the website is updated or improved, so good luck with navigating. I found it so hard to get around things and it just wasn’t that practical. I spent more time trying to find things than actually shopping on there.

Well that’s all for now. Have anyone else tried Pure Luxe Cosmetics?

Next Swatches/Review to be done is Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics.
The little sleepy head :)


  1. OMGGGG I WANT YOUR COLLECTION!! those are seriously some of the prettiest colors i've ever seen!!

    omg your doggie IS SO FREAKIN' CUTE!

  2. I've read some reviews that state Pure Luxe as a reseller, selling straight TKB Trading's micas. Do you have any? Can you compare?

  3. @Lisa: Lol yeah the colours are pretty, no wonder why i ended up buying so many samples :p

    @LiisK: I heard the same thing, but unfortunately I don't own anythign from TKB so i can't compare them for you :( Sorry

  4. the colors are really pretty!

  5. Great the look of tangerine for summer. Sleeping puppy is so cute. My dog Dolce looks very similar.

  6. Hello, I stumbled upon your blog while browsing blogs. Very interesting and awesome posts.. I'm Marillyn from & - officially following you now!! ;)) Please stop by sometime.. TY

  7. Pure Luxe does resell, I used to own a lot of their colors and did some comparisons. I ended up just throwing them away because they sell a lot of things that are not eye safe, so be careful!! I gave my friend some of their shadows and she got a sty on her eye. I know for sure the glow in the dark colors cannot be eye safe.

  8. Seriously, these colors are fantastic!!! You definitely picked the best ones. Thanks again for the review and swatches



  9. I haven't tried their products but they look really nice and I love the pigmentation! I really like Tangerine too :D

    Awww your doggie is sooo cute...!!


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