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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Day I Turned 25...

I seriously still can't believe that today I turned 25.  I'm fricken quarter of a century old!  However I think my age is making me paranoid.  The first thing I noticed when I looked into the mirror this morning were all those little fine lines on my face.  Is it a bad sign that I'm actually finally feeling the age?  Then again the whole family forgot about my birthday except for my dearest mother who called home from all the way in Hong Kong.  Definitely can't live without mummy!

Anyway just dropping in before retiring to some much needed sleep.  Sharing the face I wore on the day I turned 25.

Turned 25 and I still opt for something more natural looking :) It's the age I tell you!

Products used:

Australis Primer
Napoleon Perdis Light Diffusing Makeup
Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer
Cover Girl Loose Professional Powder
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Inglot e/s 406-402-422-11
Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
NYX Powder Blush - Natural
NYX Mosaic Powder - Highlighter
Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzer
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick - 240 Undressed
Some no name brand Dark brown eyebrow pencil...

Brown eyeshadows are a must have colours in my kit :)
Close up shot of the eye, my eyelashes actually looks somewhat long here :)
Favourite angle to take a shot :p

Here is a silly photo of the normal me, sorry for the messy hair.  It was in the morning and I hadn't fixed the hair yet...

At 25 I'm still being an idiot!

Here are some random photos of the same makeup but many hours later...
With a wig I recently bought just for fun...
This is rather Jap Style but I thought it was fun :)
Note... I did not walk out into public like this :p  This was all for fun at home hahaha

What I would actually look like if I ever cut my fringes line this :p
Love hats as accessories!

I kind of like the colour of this wig

Oh yeah Jap Style!

My eyes aren't really that big...? of course not :p

My Jap Style Pose Lol


  1. i actually really like the wig on you, its cute. aww 25 you still look young, keep it up =)

  2. haha gorgeous photos and happy birthday..I'm 26 so I know what you mean but most of time I don't feel 26..sooo it is all in how you feel I
    I love the pics with you in the wig and the silly pics..those were great to share..thanks for [osting look no where near 25 in any of those pics if that helps :)

  3. @Kaykay: the colour of the wig was what i was planning to dye my hair but... for some reason i decided at last minute not to :p

    @Jess: Thanks :)Lol i get told i dont' look my age and sometime i feel happy but there are times it is a bit of trouble that i look younger. I don't know maybe just for today i feel old hahaha. It's a Wig i recently bought on ebay just for fun and ideas for my makeup course as well :) I can't beleive you're 26, you soooo dont' look 26!

  4. Happy Birthday hun. You still look so young and I don't see any wrinkles. We will always look younger than our age because of our chubby cheeks. The wig looks adorable on you too.

  5. Cute pictures! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Embrace your age, you look great! ^^

  6. Fine Lines? I don't see any fine lines! Ya just being paranoid!! You have wonderfull skin! <3

    Anyway, cute wigs and stuff! Xxx

  7. Happy Birthday....25 is still just a baby (at least in my eyes)
    Love the makeup...its really natural and pretty. The wig is cool too.
    If you haven't already, please check out my new 'Dare to Wear for Charity' post. $10/person who does a makeup look will go to the people of Japan:


  8. You look sooo cute with a fringe! Xo

  9. You look so darling. I hope you had a great birthday! 25 is still a baby! Really! :D You don't look 25 at ALL if that makes you feel a little better =)

  10. @Pam: thanks god for the chubby cheeks, the one thing that will keep our youth :p hahaha thanks for the bday wish

    @tiffyama: thanks :) i'm over it :p I don't feel much different from what i usually do today :)

    @Amy: thanks :) They're not that obvious... Like you said i'm definitely paranoid :p hahaha

    @Mikelle: Thanks Sweetie!

    @FunnyFaceBeauty: I've checked it out and I will have to get my butt moving cos this time I will definitely make the effort to enter :)

    @PopBlush: I was always scared of this kind of fringe cos of my round face. True i look rounder but it not as bad as i thought it would be :)

    @Rainy Days and Lattes: Thank you :) My parents still make me feel like a baby hahaha

  11. heart your turning 25 makeup!! you look so fresh faced and pretty.. omg i totally LOL'd at your comment about not talking to you mom because she threw your boxes away hahaha.

  12. Happy birthday gal =D!!
    the pinky bear hat is so cute with u ♥

  13. Aww happy birthday dear! I swear you look younger than 25, which is a good thing :) Love the wig on you, very cute hehe


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