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Friday, March 11, 2011

FOTD - Wet N Wild Greed Color Icon Palette

I know two post in one day.  Amazing!  This FOTD is today's look that I did this morning.  Just got home from work and will be heading out to work again soon so I thought I would quickly update this one here or I'll probably forget when I get home tonight.

Natural shot :) I think...

Products used:

Maybelline Super Stay Foundation
Cover Girl Loose powder
NYX Powder Blush in Natural
Rimmel Bronzer
MSCHIC sample lipgloss (super Pigmented and I only used a little bit to give my lips some colour!)
Wet N Wild Color Icon palette - Greed
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil
Chi Chi Super Long Lashes Mascara

Pout Pout?

I never fail to do a side view shot do I?
dark eyeshadow at the base of the lash line on the lids
Imitating Japanese posing style.... is it working? Lol
Not much colour to the eyes, just the warm coral colours the palette has and the black matte shadow as a eye definer colour.  You may notice I'm not a huge fan of eyeliner and I have good reason for it.  They take longer to do and I have a time limit in the morning.  They tend to smudge or run like crazy throughout the day. And that is why you'll notice I like using a dark eyeshadow around the lashes to substitute as eyeliner and to give the eyes some shape.

Just another silly photo to cheer you guys up or even just to put a smile on your face for a second :)

Hope everyone is having a good day and may you all enjoy your weekend :)


  1. I love her creations! There are somthing my lovers From The Heart in . Such as Chanel bags
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  2. Aw you're so cute! Love the simple look, great for everyday :)

  3. looking very cute! love the last pic it certainly did put a smile on my face :) x

  4. @Fashion to Go: Thanks, yeah i'll probably start wearing this more often now.

    @Ashii: i'm glad the last pick put a smile on your face :p it was truly one ugly pic but funny :p i laughed at myself when i loaded the photos :p

  5. this is really gorgeous and so natural and pretty, i love it <3
    Really want to try those WNW palettes, but they dont have them in Norway. You know a website that i can buy them from? :)

    Xoxo Christine

  6. Hi Christine! I buy mine from Crush Cosmetics and i'm not sure where else stock them that would ship internationally. I'm actually looking forward to the 8 pan palettes which crush cosmetics just recently stocked :)

  7. I like your natural fotd looks :) very wearable yet defines!

    Yup, I got mine from the box too! Cant remember how much they were but they were on sale. I like the AMC 'Shine' shadows, the shadow applied is interesting.

    I want to visit Inglot soon too :)

  8. yup~ $2.95! Massive slash in price hey~ So I got one and I'm pretty happy with the pigmentation :)

    They had some other palettes aswell so I might go check them out next time too :)

  9. I love it!!!! You look adorable!! :D haha especially the last pic! :) I have to get these palettes!!

  10. Lol, thanks sweetie! I love doing pictorials, so much fun. Hehe. Im glad u find them easy to understand :)

  11. i love the wet n' wild palettes!!!! they're lovely and so pigmented. i just did a tutorial using the wet n' wild palette in comfort zone, which is my absolute favorite. can you please check out my makeup blog when you get a chance?


  12. You have such a pretty smile! :) And beautiful skin!!

  13. Love it! So fresh and so clean!

  14. LOL I absolutely love the very last picture! So goofy and cute :) Your skin is beautiful!


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