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Sunday, March 7, 2010

FOTD 060310

Just a quick update of my makeup from yesterday. I didn’t do much, just kept it really simple and got a couple of compliments so I thought I post it here.

All I used were:

Maybelline coverstick corrector concealer (green) – corrects redness
Estee Lauder – Concealer stick (for under eye)
Revlon New Complexion Foundation – 04 Natural Beige
Estee Lauder eyeshadow base
Savvy by DB mineral loose eyeshadow in champagne pink
Estee Lauder pink dust duo – the brown colour
Max Factor - Passionate Plum eyeshadow (under the bottom lashes)
Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof eye definer - for upper lid only, i didn't line my waterline
Covergirl professional loose powder – 115 translucent medium

The new additions that I’ve bought lately listed above are the Maybelline coverstick and the Savvy mineral loose eyeshadow.

I saw that the green concealer always sell out the fastest at the stores so I thought I give it a try. It does it job covering the redness on my face but I found it to be quite thick and hard to blend as well and it was kind of leaving my skin dry. I think it’s not creamy enough to glide on smoothly and it was a bit pricey. I don’t think I would of bought it if it was 25% off. I’ll give it some more tries but I’m not too sure whether this will be any good. Have anyone tried it? What do you guys think?

Savvy is a very cheap drugstore product, things are normally less than $10 so when I first saw them I was doubtful they would be any good, but I gave it a shot anyway. Some of their products aren’t the best of quality but I think the eyeshadows aren’t too bad. I’ve tried some duo eyeshadows before I think they’re pretty good for the cheap price I bought them for. This one in particular is very nice, glides on smoothly and it is long lasting if you prime your lids properly. It is rather small so I’m not sure whether it will last long if you use it often. Its shimmer gives your eyes that brighter look so I love it at the moment. I think I paid like $3 for it when it was on special down at Priceline. However it is loose shadow so you have to be careful when applying it. Otherwise you’ll end up having a glittered face. I applied with a tissue under my eyes to catch any of the falls out. I’m not sure whether Savvy by DB can be purchased anywhere else, because I’ve only seen them in priceline

Well that's all for now, but if you have any questions or opinions please leave a comment.

Disclaimer: I purchase every product mentioned in the post with my own money and I’m not being paid to review any items nor am I affiliated with the companies. These are just my honest opinions.


  1. I have never found a drugstore green concealer that works for me :(

  2. I agree with you, i haven't yet found one that really works either


Thanks for the comment and your opinion, much appreciated :)