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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Before the Easter Long Weekend.

Back again and thought today I would post a bit earlier the photos from the photo shoot I did about a month or so earlier.  I won't be showing all the photos are that is just going to overload this blog because there were heaps on the disc I have gotten from the Photographer.

This Friday is the start of our Easter Long Weekend and I'll be away from Friday until Wednesday next week.  I'm taking a short break from work and enjoying myself for a bit in Melbourne with a friend and I'll be stuffing my face once again with loads of good food.  I'll have plenty to share!

Anyway... onto the photos.

Photographer: Daniel Price
Dress By: Petra Vanessie 
Accessories & Bouquets: Tamara Harrison 
Model: Monica Fruzynski
Hair: Sarah Corrigan 
Makeup: Mandy To


  1. Wow, that makeup looks beautiful! Love her clothing too :D

    1. thank you! the clothes are by a local designer. I love her designs too and actually own 3 of her dresses

  2. She looks gorgeous! Very lovely photos, looks like a very nice shoot! xx

    1. it was a very relaxing shoot since it was a bridal type shoot!

  3. omgosh this is probably by far one of my absolute favorite shoot you've done makeup for! the girl looks SOOOOO feminine and gorgeous omgosh!! love love her makeup!!!

    1. Naww thanks! This girl is gorgeous without makeup. Her foundation is actually really light because she didn't need it.

      Sometimes Bridal type makeup can just look gorgeous ;)


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