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Monday, March 25, 2013

Instagram life...

More Instagram and just general photos from my phone.  Been way too long and I'll be posting again shortly with some updated photos from a shoot.  Only just got the photos on disc from Photographer on Saturday so I'm still in the process of going through them.

Lebanese food was delish!  Also it had been so long since I had baklava!

Mixed meat platter

Complimentary bread!

Turkish Delight and Baklava

Don't ever remember buying this Khaki colour jacket

I can see why I bought it though... 

Nothing fancy, just a dress from Target that cost me just under $10.

Gotta love coffee date with your girlfriend.

Fancy hotdog that was super tasty and some pumpkin salad.  Snags and Sons in Leederville

The cool lantern lights at Greens and Co coffee hang out.  This is a Tuesday evening and look how busy it is!

Peeking around the corner into the kitchen in case Mumma Bear drops some food on the floor.

This old furbaby was left at home on a gloomy day full of thunder and lightning.  The poor girl hid under my computer table all scared.

What my car boot looks like on a normal work day to the studio.  The frozen coke is a bonus!

When I'm bored or I just feel like chilling out, I just whip out some face charts.  It's weird but I find it very calming.

My journey so far with depotting lipsticks.
depotted lipsticks!
How I have missed this place so much.  Used t o hang out here on a regular basis back in my Uni days.

I have missed their Warm  Chocolate Mud cake with Ice Cream so much.  It still tastes as good as I remember

Also Wedges and Chocolate pizza! This was for 3 girls!

Home cooked pasta stacked away in the Freezer for those busy days I can't be bothered cooking or making myself something to eat.
Petra's lovely dress to me for my Birthday on Friday!  Absolutely love the colour and it's so feminine.

My wardrobe now consists of three of Petra's lovely dresses that she had designed.  I'm sure there will be many more in the future.

Petra's Makeup and hair done for her during a girl's catch up session on Saturday.  She had such lovely skin that she doesn't need much at all.  Love this lady so much, she's such an inspirational person and she's been a great friend and designer to work with!

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  1. awww i adore this post!! love that you have such a wonderful relationship with your designer friend now so sweet :) i love that picture of her she looks so happy and pretty!!

    i'm seriously droooooooooooling drooling over this foodie post! om nom nom!!

    oh haha in reference to your comment on my page.. you know what i actually find doing my makeup a pain.. but it only takes me about a full 15 min or so to do all of it.. so i sometimes i have to mentally force myself to do it.. once i force myself to put on primer and foundation.. the rest of it is easy to do HAHA. it's just doing the first 1 or 2 steps.. but to be fair i think if i did makeup for a living like you did i would probably never want to do my own makeup!!! :p


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