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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Back to Reality...

I had a wonderful Easter Break where a girlfriend and I took a 5 days, 4 nights trip to Melbourne.  We were both tired and just wanted to get away from work for the long weekend and a bit more.  I had thoroughly enjoyed the trip and even though I miss it greatly, it is back to reality.

Here is a quick update of what had been happening since I've gotten home from my little vacation.  Stay tuned for a future post on my Melbourne trip.  I promise you it includes some food porn and crazy shopping purchases!

Belated Birthday Present from my cousin.  Absolutely loving this Palette by Stila and had been using it in the morning.

Can't wait for this movie to come out!

Best Birthday present ever.  Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law

I now walk around with my portfolio on hand and all easier stored on my new tablet!

Stocked up on some False lashes... only 80 pairs... I bet it'll be all gone soon 

Had a little accident with a big old wooden door that was super heavy.  It slammed right on my left heel and tore the skin up and off.  Still looking very red and raw today!

Petra Vanessie, a talent local designer yet a great friend with a big heart and is always generous.  Have a new scarf to play around with.  Perhaps turning it into a headband might be nice?

Visited Wedding Upmarket and Perth have some wonderful Talent!  Here is a picture of my work in their guide book.

A little bit of fun at Wedding Upmarket today.  This is what happen when you let a hair stylist and a makeup artist run free from their work.  God I love this girl!

Lunch date with Mumma Bear yesterday.  We had some good ol' Vietnamese food and typical of me I ordered the Pork Chop with Broken.... like every other time too.  Delish!


  1. ahahah so funny! we ate the same thing!!! well yes mine is in texas thats why the portions really are HUGE!! they say everything is bigger in texas and it is so true!!!!!

    aww so sweet of your brother and sister in law that is an AMAZEBALLS GIFT!!

    those eyelashes are soooo pretty!!

    1. yes I had heard people tell me Texas has large servings too.

      The tablet is so good! Portfolio and schedule in one thing :) and I store inspiration photos on there so I can use them as an example to clients who can't explain what they want :p

  2. awesome looking tablet! :) It's awesome that you can bring your portfolio now how easy technology is making life to be! lunch photo looks good too! ^_^

    Joyce @

    1. Not the best tablet ever, but it does what I want and the fact it has a usb plug in on the side makes it all great. I can carry things on my USB thumb drive and plug it into the table and view on there :)

  3. welcome back! i hope your foot heals soon. I had a similar experience a few weeks back :/

    1. Thanks! Yes I'm so over my foot! I want to wear shoes again :( I'm sick of wearing flip flops :p

  4. Ah I'd love to go to Melbourne! Woaah 80 eyelashes, I suppose it wouldn't take you long to use them up 0.o
    Lovely photos, I'm glad you had a nice break. Happy belated birthday :) xx

    1. Melbourne is the bomb! so goo there. Shopping is better and the food is amazing! It's cheaper to eat there too :p


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