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Monday, January 21, 2013

Photo Sharing for the week

I am back with some Instagram photos or just photos in general.

Can't have boring plain looking business card holders, so why not BLING it up :D
The next photo is divine!  The most tastiest pork ribs I have ever eaten and guess what, my Mumma made it!

I had a girl's night on Saturday and being the rare cooking type, I decided I would cook something simple for us 5 girls to enjoy.

Japanese is the easiest thing to cook at times like this especially when we're hungry and just want to sit back and eat.
The girls afterward had prepared dessert while I sit back and wait :)
I did a major clean out of the lounge room at the front and claimed some good territory in order to set up a little studio for clients who visit me instead.

After successfully setting up a quick studio in one corner of the room I started on some lipstick depotting so that it fits in my kit better.  I've been calling myself a lipstick murderer though, because it's so depressing cutting your lipsticks and whacking them into little containers.
Before Depotting, you've got to make sure you clean and disinfect all the containers and equipment first.

After depotting

Well, that is all for now and enjoy the rest of your week.  I'm looking forward to driving a new "little" car for the first time in my life.  I said goodbye to my last car since I got rammed from behind and it was written off. Until next time please take care :)


  1. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for someone for says they don't cook.. that is some crazy ridiculously delicious looking spread of japanese food hahaha!!

    aww your fur baby w/ the bows soooooooooooo CUTE!! hehehe

    omgosh you are so funny! i would feel crappy about depotting my lipsticks too.. but i feel like after you did all of them it probably feels oddly rewarding hahahah :p and the colors look so pretty all in a row in their clear pots!

  2. I love all your cosmetics

    I love your blog and your univers :)
    Please come on my blog Kisses


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