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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Quick Behind the Scenes

Just popping in to share some quick BTS (behind the scenes) that was given an OK to share.  I did a shoot last year before the Christmas and it was for a new jewellery brand that will be launching late February early March.

The stylist/co-ordinator was also able to get clothese from a local designer called House of Zaccaria.

Hopefully when the brand is launched and the photos released I'll be sharing the official photos from the shoot!

Have a great week everyone !


  1. you know I LOVEEE love your behind the scenes of photoshoots and fashion shows.. it's like a behind the scenes peek at all the amazingness! so neat! i'm amazed at that graffiti in the back so insane!

    1. The graffiti in this place was awesome! All the rooms had it and it was all along the walls in the corridor :D

  2. Wow I love all the graffiti in this photo shoot haha it makes such a nice back drop!

    1. loved the graffiti that this place has! It was so good to shoot here.


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