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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Petra Vanessie's Look Book - Photos released!

Hope everyone is having a great start to their New Year and may 2013 be awesome!  This is going to sound weird but I do not have any Instagram photos to share.... that's right I for once don't have any of those daily lifestyle photos I'm constantly taking photos of to share........ OMG it's so WEIRD!

Anyway back to the main topic.

Last year I had mentioned I did a photoshoot with a great team of talents for local fashion designer Petra Vanessie late October.

I had gotten an OK yesterday evening that the photos had been released by the photographers and it is now alright to use/share/etc by all team members.

So today I am here to share you some of the beautiful photos that were taken that day.  The amazing dresses and the whole themed looking absolutely great.

Let me know what you guys think?

Photographer: Tony Lendrum
Photographer's Assistant: ?
Designer: Petra Petrolyn Vanessie
Stylist: Meg Gill
PR/Crowd Control: Raychael Case aka Mystery Case 
Intern/Assistant: Lucy Scott 
Hair Stylist: Sarah Corrigan 
Models: Jude Geradin & Jessica Truscott 
Makeup Artist: Mandy To

Absolutely love this photo, Jess's smile is so perfect and it's such a fun looking photo.

We had some of the most gorgeous looking models ever for this shoot.  Loved them to bits and had enjoyed making them up for the shoot.  Even if I had looked like a little geeky Chinese girl running up the busiest streets in the city with a belt full of brushes and makeup.  It was even more embarrasing after finding out from friends they were pretty sure they saw me running up and down the streets like a little hobbit in a bright blue shirt and yellow ballet flats. Hahaha!  

I absolutely adore this Red and Orange skirt, the only thing was that because I'm short it'll look like a longer skirt on me and it just didn't look well.  Bugger!

The above photo was spot on with the whole "girl lost in a big city" sort of feel to it.  Some local passerbys actually thought she was crying!

This was shot during peak hour when people just wanted to go home, how dangerous it was to just pop out into the road for some quick shots.  Keeping in mind the part of the road she's stepping out into is mainly used by buses.

Hope you had all enjoyed the photos!


  1. wow, great photo shoot! All of the models look gorgeous,and their makeup looks flawless!

  2. ohhh so pretty!! the makeup is so fresh faced and pretty and i love the bright pop w/ the lip color! the clothes for this shoot are so pretty too!!! you do amazing work hon!


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